Dj Hood

Isaiah Houde is a DJ/Sports reporter for WZIP. He joined WZIP back in January of 2016, and is majoring in Communications. He plans on gcropped-Z88_2CIcon.pngraduating in May of 2017, and afterwards wants to work him way up, hoping to eventually be behind a mic or camera with a sports show.  Outside of WZIP, Isaiah works, goes to school, gets the bills paid, with a little bit of partying of the side.  He likes a variety of music, but specifically likes hip hop with lyricism and meaning. His favorite sport is a toss up between football and basketball, but it’s probably football because each game is more important. As a member of the Sports team,  Isaiah covers Cavs games and press conferences,and is also involved in other organizations in order to gain experience. When asked for something interesting about himself, he replied “ I am from Massachusetts, and everyone hates my favorite sports teams so it makes for interesting sports talk. “