Hall of Fame Game Put to Shame?

CANTON – The NFL Hall of Fame Game is one that seems to diminish in meaning a little more each year, similar to that of the NFL Pro Bowl. However, if you were excited for this year’s game, you would be disappointed.

Shortly after the top of the seven o’clock hour, the NFL released on Twitter that the game had been cancelled due to poor field conditions.

This is not too unfamiliar, however, as last year’s game also faced much criticism over field condition. Even more talk was raised after Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham’s season was ended via a torn ACL at last year’s event.

The issue with the field was actually the paint in the end zones and at midfield. The paint was “congealing” which in layman’s terms basically means it took on a very rubbery texture, almost that of tar, and the players would not be able to grip the surface well.

Leaving the premises, I was able to catch a few comments from some fans. Many weren’t too shaken up over the ordeal. Others, however, were not as kind.

“That’s absolutely terrible” said one father of a Packer family that had made the trip from Wisconsin. “We travel all this way and they can’t play the game because someone messed up the paint? Absurd”.

Hall of Fame President David Baker was even booed shortly after 8 when he came out to address the fans on what had really went wrong with the field conditions.

So far, there have been no indicators on fan refunds for tickets or anything like that. However, it is safe to assume that the preparation of next year’s game will be under much tighter supervision.

The majority of fans seem to embrace the cancellation fairly well, acknowledging that there really is nothing at stake. Those that made the trip though…… well based on the Packer family from earlier and some other fans on Twitter, the NFL will have some explaining (or not) to do.

At the end of the day, losing money on a preseason ticket game can’t be too fun. However, if you asked a Packer fan if it would be worth losing Aaron Rodgers to injury in the Hall of Fame game, well, pretty easy answer to that one.