A Breakdown of the Cavs’ Trade Deadline.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have surprised the NBA on trade deadline day with a series of moves.

The most notable transaction sent away the increasingly problematic Isiah Thomas to the Los Angeles Lakers. Recently, Thomas has been the center of scrutiny because of his poor relationship with Cavs big-man Kevin Love, which has led to several on-court displays of contempt from Thomas directed towards his former teammates. Thomas, who spent most of this season benched from injury, had high expectations upon his return. He averaged nearly 30 points a game last season, and was included in the surprise Kyrie trade last summer. Channing Frye was traded with Thomas.

The Cavs received Larry Nance jr. and Jordan Clarkson from the Lakers. These players bring some much needed youth and speed to the game. Clarkson, a point guard, will be a strong bench choice for Lue to call on. Nance is a dynamic big-man, who can play power forward or center. He is the type of player that could bring rebounds and defense to the team, and the Cavaliers have been limping on defense for most of the season.

Elsewhere, the team was involved in a bizarre three-way trade that seems sweeter the more you look at it. The Cavs involvement in the trade shipped Derrick Rose, Jae Crowder, and Iman Shumpert. They received George Hill and Rodney Hood.

Hill was once a defensive force, but his form has been poor this season. He is a decent shooter, which can be a great asset with Lebron James. This season he averages 45 percent from the field and just over 46 percent from beyond the arc. Hood brings youth to the team. He may also be expected to bring a defensive presence, which would be a godsend for this team. He also has the ability to stretch the court and provide three-and-d play

Elsewhere, the Cavs sent Dwayne Wade back to Miami for a protected second round draft pick, which was part of the deal for Hill. Reportedly, the move was mutual, and Wade is happy to join Miami.

The Cavs also freed up roster spots for potential signings after the deadline. Kendrick Perkins is expected to sign on to fill one of those roster seats.

You can see this new team hit the court for the first time tomorrow, Friday at 7:30 against the Atlanta Hawks.

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