The 2nd Annual Late Night Local Talent Showcase was an enjoyable event overall. Although longer than scheduled, the show did not grow tiring and it was enjoyable to sit through. Emceed by WZIP’s King Simba, the show featured 7 sets by a variety of artists from the Akron area.

The first set of the evening was performed by Charity Evonna who performed a vibrant, soul-filled, funky R&B set. Her voice was powerful and the music was catchy and professional. While she was the only set of this exact style of the evening, she was an excellent starter for this event.

The second artist was Jovan Wilder. While his performance was still more in line with R&B than the other sets, Hip-Pop is the most accurate descriptor. The songs performed were mellower and featured a slower, sadder drum and bass undertone when compared to previous act. His voice was clear and direct, the emotions in his voice and the beat complimented each other well.

The third act was Chey Dolla who performed a selection of Hip-Hop songs. His performance and image were that of a classic Hip-Hop artist. A showman at his core, the songs he performed were angry and had a very old school Hip-Hop vibe to them similar to that of mid-90s artists. Overall, his performance was a hit. His songs felt like they could be cult classics and his particular style and attitude is what LNLT is all about.

The next act was the BsmoothBoys. This duo preformed a variety of poppy-R&B selections. The music was bright and upbeat, and the crowd danced along as they performed. True showmen at heart, they often interacted and spoke directly to the audience encouraging clapping and groove along. The audience ate this up and the performance was thoroughly enjoyable.

Following the BsmoothBoys, were the trap laden beats of Eli Bandman. His general style was much more akin to modern Atlanta-area Hip-Hop artists. His performance was entertaining. At one point, he threw money onto the stage and kneeled in it while rapping and performing.

Matt PFV presented himself with a swagger similar to that of Macklemore. His general style would probably best be described as Hip-Pop. His beats were airy and light, the vocals were smoothly delivered and flowed well.

The closer of the show was a band called Red Rose Panic. The band featured four members playing a drastically different style than the artists that proceeded them. They presented songs that could be described as sublime with a hint of modern alternative rock. The vocalist complimented the style of music well. Closing with RRP was a good choice.

Overall the LNLT showcase was a pleasant way to spend the evening. Those who did not attend truly missed out.