Member of the Week: Cortez Grayson


Cortez is an incredibly active member here at WZIP and ZTV. Cortez is a radio DJ and he also participates with the WZIP Sports team. He enjoys being a DJ because he likes having his own personalized DJ shift. Cortez also enjoys being apart of the sports team because it has given him a lot of opportunities to cover various sporting events. For example,Cortez has covered every home game for the men’s basketball team. He also covered all four days of the  2017 MAC Tournament.

Cortez always displays his passion for radio through his work, which is what got him nominated to be Member of the Week. His hard work has not gone unnoticed. He is a prime example of what every member should aspire to be.

What Cortez does for WZIP goes in hand for what he wants to do with his future. Cortez’s career goal is to either work for WOIO Cleveland News as a reporter or work for ESPN as a news reporter. His advice for new coming members is to get involved in as many teams as possible. In doing so, it allows students to learn more about each department of WZIP. He also advises students to join ZTV because it allows you to learn even more about different aspects of the media industry. With that being said, tune in every Thursday from 3-6 to hear DJ CJG live on air.