Member of the Week: Leslie Flores


Leslie is a member of both WZIP and ZTV. At WZIP, she works as a member within the news department. Leslie loves being a member of WZIP for many reasons. Especially because it gives you the opportunity to try out a little bit of everything and gain new life skills.

Leslie was nominated as Member of the Week because of her passion for what she does in the station. Her willingness to help others is inspiring. She serves as an excellent example of what hard work and dedication does in order to help transform a team. Her strong leadership qualities make her an asset to the station and we are truly lucky to have her. 

When Leslie isn’t busy participating in WZIP and ZTV, she has a variety of different hobbies and interests. Her favorite animal is a  whale, her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and she loves any food that involves cheese! Leslie loves to try out different local foods from surrounding restaurants in the area.

Leslie’s dream job is to write for a television show. Writing is one of her favorite pastimes along with reading. When it comes to starting out at WZIP and ZTV, Leslie has some advice for new members. She says, “do not hesitate when it comes to starting something new. Being apart of WZIP opens doors for many learning opportunities and it is helpful if you are willing to take advantage of them all”.