NFL Draft Scouting Report- Linebackers

  1. Jaylon Smith– Jaylon Smith from Notre Dame is viewed as the most NFL ready linebacker and is a very versatile player. He is 6’2”, 230 pounds and is capable of thriving in a 4-3 or a 3-4 defensive scheme because of his versatility. This is a very solid prospect, and probably the best for the Browns because of the capabilities that he has, and the different things he can do on the field. His cover ability is also exceptional, and he is compared to NFL player Derrick Johnson with the most similarities as a player. His main issue has been injuries for a while now while suffering an ACL and MCL tear his freshmen year in college.
  2. Myles Jack– Myles Jack is a three-year player from UCLA, and is very similar to Jaylon Smith in many ways. He is 6’1” and 245 pounds, while running a 4.5 forty-yard dash, and is very explosive. He would make a solid outside linebacker for the Browns because of his speed and capability of keeping a lock on the outside. His weakness is that he has a running back lower body, and lacks some length and strength in the upper body, but is still considered the second, if not the best linebacker in this draft.
  3. Darron Lee– Darron Lee is a 6’1”, 230 pound outside linebacker from Ohio State who is known for being a smarter and more efficient linebacker that can flow towards a route. He has a sense of where the ball is going to be and is often exactly where the ball is. He is quick and comfortable in open space, and could make an outstanding cover linebacker for the Browns, especially on running backs and slot receivers. He ran a 4.47 forty-yard dash so speed is not an issue, and neither is tackling or covering. The biggest concern with him is his lack of NFL size, and he will most likely thrive the most in a scheme that has a cover linebacker, who can also try and slip into the pocket with some blitz plays.
  4. Reggie Ragland– Reggie Ragland is a 6’1, 250 pound inside linebacker from Alabama who is known as a big hitter. He is more known as an old school, run stuffing big body linebacker who can lay the wood. He can plug a gap, and also has pass rushing ability so that can be a very deadly combination for a big, physical linebacker like himself. He would make a solid fit for the Browns because of his physicality, and his ability to rush the quarterback, which is a needed trait for Cleveland. The biggest downfall is his lack of speed, and that will determine if he is going to be drafted in the first round.
  5. Jatavis Brown– Jatavis Brown is a 5’11, 220 pound outside linebacker from the University of Akron. He has shown nothing less than pure consistency while being in the MAC, and has tremendous speed and versatility. He can cover, blitz, and basically do anything that is necessary from the linebacker position, and show little weakness in that regard. He is a projected third or fourth round linebacker because of his lack of size, but could be a very solid and productive role player for the Browns. His versatility could land him in an NFL strong safety spot because of a lack of size, but he will make an impact no matter where he goes.