Spring is here! Sort of.

It’s still cold and slightly rainy. It might still snow. The temperatures vary day to day, sometimes hour to hour. Spring is a good time for starting fresh. So what are the fun things Spring bring? 

  1. Sunshine! Will the sun does show in all four seasons, there’s just something special about the sun in spring.
  2. Flowers. There’s nothing better than a flowerbed or pot full of fresh flowers. Oh! And the way they smell! It’s just brings so much joy. Bonus: growing fruits and vegetables. It’s hard work, but totally worth it! 
  3. The warmer temperatures. This typically doesn’t come for a few weeks, but when it does, it is pure bliss. Moderate temperatures are truly amazing. No need to sweat or be cold! 60° allows you to wear a sweatshirt or a T-shirt and be comfortable. 
  4. More time with family and friends. With the temperatures warming up, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to sit outside with friends and family and take in the fresh air. 
  5. The colors! Pastels are so easy on the eyes. 
  6. The candy! If you go into any store around this time you will find a huge candy section. The candies are either pastel colors or they are in fun shapes. 
  7. Starting fresh. Yes, in theory the January 1st is the time to start fresh, but what motivation is there when there’s five feet of snow and lots of Netflix to watch? The warmer weather makes for a great setting for a walk.