Student Organization: 2380 Film Club

Movies, they’re something everybody tends to enjoy. It is also something that generates a lot of opinions. Luckily for the students at the University of Akron, there’s a club to join. The 2380 Film Club is a place where students who have this passion have a way to experience it with their fellow students.

A little history behind the clubs name comes from the fact that Hollywood is 2,380 miles from Akron, Ohio. The club does things such as write short films. The most recent of these films being “Pizza Diety”, a short film that is a parody of the stereotypical high school romance film. Along with this film, the following list of other short films the club has made are “The Gentleman Vs. Death”, “Feast of Fools”, and “One Last Chill”.

For the past few years, the club has also participated in hosting a film festival at The Nightlight Cinema, located on high street. The film festival features films the club themselves have made, along with films from other independent filmmakers across Northeast Ohio. The founders of the 2380 film club even found careers at the cinema following their graduation from the university.In order to join the club there are many options, the first being that you join their meetings. The 2380 Film Club meets in the College of Arts and Science building in room 134, every Wednesday. The other way would be to simply sign up on their Facebook page at ‘’.

The club has no shortage of movies to watch. They do it all from older movies to seeing the most recent film to enter the theaters. For example, I talked to the President of the club, Glenn Booth. He stated that ” as a club, the most recent film we saw was ‘Blade Runner: 2049′”. As an insight as to what being in the club is like, I asked Glenn to describe his thoughts of the movie to me, to which he had to say “If you are a fan of the original Blade Runner, this movie isn’t for you. However, if you have never seen it, then this film may be enjoyable”.

Movies will always capture the heart, emotions, and attention of the interested fan. They have a way of making people feel lost in the story being told right in front of them. Movies will always be around, and while they’re around there will always be debates. While there are opinions on movies, there is a place to go here at the University of Akron.