WZIP’s Browns 2018 Season Predictions

The Cleveland Browns made plenty of moves during their off-season and in the 2018 Draft. With one win in the past 32 games, you pretty much have to. But how will this season be different than the last two, or are they destined to repeat their failures? The WZIP Sports Department has their predictions for how the 2018-2019 Browns season will unfold:

John Alfieri 

Record: 4-12
MVP: Myles Garrett
Between Hardknocks and the the new faces in town, the Cleveland Browns are poised to be a new and improved team with a lot of potential. Free agent additions Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor, and Demarious Randall will be a bright spot in the Browns season campaign. Two big questions I am curious about are; When will we see Baker Mayfield on the field? And Will Hue Jackson be in Cleveland the whole season and possibly next year?
Baker Mayfield, the number one overall pick, impressed a lot of coaches in the preseason. His skill set is very impressive and his winning mentality is something you just can’t teach. The issue with Baker is at times he rushes throws and looks not ready to compete at the NFL level right now. He’s a project. I believe if the Browns are under 3 wins by week 8, we will see Baker under center. Browns fans shouldn’t expect to see him though if Tyrod is leading the Browns to wins.

Hue Jackson is on the hottest seat any coach in the league has ever been on. Many argue he shouldn’t still have his job but obviously the Browns still believe in him. However I feel that if the Browns don’t make the playoffs (obviously a long shot) the Browns will be moving on from Hue. The good news? The Browns have two head coaching candidates on their staff already in Greg Williams and Todd Haley. Don’t be surprised if they are calling the shots next year.

Zach Bush

I’m predicting the Browns to go 6-10. Hue Jackson will be on the hot seat for the entire season, but he’ll make it to the end without getting fired. Tyrod will play fine, but he’ll get a concussion or something and miss a week. Baker will start that game and play well, but Hue will put Tyrod back in the following week. It will be a controversy for the rest of the year. Josh Gordon will play near a full year for the first time since 2013, but his numbers won’t be as good as they were then. Jarvis Landry will have a great first year in Cleveland, and Myles Garrett will have a solid second year.

*Actually, forget what I said about Hue Jackson. I thought about it some more, and I think he will get fired. I see the Browns losing four straight games in November/December, the last of which coming December 9th against Carolina. I think he’ll get fired after losing that game, and either Haley or Williams will take over for the rest of the year.

Savannah Griggs

For the 2018 football season I believe the browns will be 8-8. Tyrod Taylor will be QB1 however, I believe Baker Mayfield will have an outstanding rookie season and he will start at least 2 games in the season more than likely towards the end of the year. This season my breakout players are David Njoku and Carlos Hyde. Hue Jackson will coach the entire season. Finally our MVP will be Myles Garrett.

Isaiah Houde

I am predicting that the Browns will end the season with a 6-10 record. This team is on a path for a better future, but I still do not believe that the culture and the losing ways have ultimately been reversed. Winning six games is a huge increase from winning zero last year, and I believe that the consistency of Tyrod Taylor will take them there. I believe that Tyrod will start the whole season, and Baker Mayfield will learn what it takes to be a quarterback in the NFL. The defense will improve by leaps and bounds in my opinion because of the changing culture, and the talent that is present.

I do not believe that the team will make it to the playoffs this year, but I feel that the Browns will be there soon. They could possibly be a playoff team by next season if they can flip the culture around and bring winning spirits into the organization. Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry will play a huge role in that.

Cami Justice

My heart is telling me the Browns will win six games this year. My brain is telling me it will actually be four. I think Tyrod Taylor should, and will start for most, if not all of the season. A minor injury that could displace him from his starting role for a game or two would be the only scenario in which Baker Mayfield starts over Tyrod. The Browns defense should prove to look as incredible on the field as they look on paper. Myles Garrett will be the Browns MVP this season without a doubt. Offensively, the Browns should do better than they have in a very long time. With talent like Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon, the Browns passing game should be fierce. Their running game could also be explosive so long as everyone lives up to their potential. With  David Njoku, Duke Johnson, and Ohio native Carlos Hyde at Tyrod’s disposal the Browns should have a lot of success running the ball.

As for head coach Hue Jackson, well, I think he better work harder than he ever has in his life if he wants to maintain his position with the Browns. If Jackson loses three to four consecutive games with no wins this season I think he’ll be fired immediately. If he doesn’t win at least 4 games I think he’ll be fired at the end of the season. All eyes are on him right now as he sits in the hot seat. If he pulls off some wins and early on, Hue will stick around.

My heart and my brain tell me two slightly different stories for the Browns but I will follow my heart and say the Browns will be 6-10 at the end of the season and they’ll only go up from there… SUPERBOWLLLLL…SUPER BROWNS!

Justin Miller

Overall record: 5-11

Wins against the Jets, Bengals (x2), Buccaneers, and Broncos

3rd in AFC North
Obviously huge improvements have been made from a win-less team just a year ago. Although expectations are extremely high for this team, I think it is simply unrealistic for a winning percentage close to .500. Baker Mayfield was a good pick, but wasn’t worth first overall. The Browns missed out on Saquan Barkley which will haunt them for the next decade. With Taylor starting week one, I don’t see Mayfield starting until late in the second half of the season once the browns are officially eliminated from playoff contention. Break out player will be M. Garret if you even consider him a breakout. Injury held him back last season but the sky is the limit for him this year. MVP will be Jarvis Landry as he will be key on the offensive side of the ball with multiple receptions per game and being a true possession wide receiver (via Larry Fitz). What will hurt the browns the most is the joke of an offensive line. Even with future HOF Joe Thomas at left tackle, they still struggled to block just about anyone and will be the root cause for Tyrod Taylor and the running game to be consistent. Its an exciting year for the browns, but a true winning culture is not here yet.


Kyle Molinelli

I believe this season will shock a lot of people. This team is not the same teams that went win-less last year, or the one who won only one game the year before that. This team is hungry, and they’re going to surprise a lot of people. With talent stocked at WR and a stable quarterback situation, I think they laid the foundation of a winning team, and I think they go 8-8 this year. Tyrod Taylor has a chip on his shoulder, and he will be the leader this team needs, and the mentor Baker Mayfield deserves to be eased in. Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry will have to learn to share how many catches they get since they will be such dangerous weapons for the offense. The only question we really have is how our Offensive line will be, since Joe Thomas has retired. Overall, look out world because the browns are here to shock the system. (Yes I am probably way too hyped for this and my dreams might be crushed.) 

Ryan Ribinskas

I believe the Browns will go 9-6

Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon will be in the top 10 in the NFL for receiving and Baker Mayfield will not start a game. I also believe Denzel ward will win DPOY and Myles Garrett will win DPOY.

Deontae Shahid

I believe the Browns will win 5-6 games this year starting with the 1st game of the season against the Steelers. Barring injury I do not believe Baker will get a start this year. If Tyrod stays healthy, I believe he will be good enough for us this year to keep the starting role for the entirety of the season. Standout players this year have to be Myles Garrett, Jarvis Landry, and Christian Kirksey. Denzel Ward might struggle in the beginning of the season, but his play will pick up as the season progresses.

Browns Offseason Breakdown

Story by Savannah Griggs—-

Giving us more action in the off-season than on the field, the Cleveland Browns have definitely made some power moves in the last week. While we had to say our farewells to Joe Thomas, Danny Shelton and DeShone Kizer. With open arms we welcomed Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry and Damarious Randall.

While Taylor brings leadership, efficiency and productivity, Landry on the other hand brings competition and passion. In the past two years Landry has had over 100 catches and numbers don’t lie. Landry is the fire power that our offense needs. Last but not least, we move on to Damarious Randall, Green Bay’s most consistent defensive back.

Randall brings tackles, interceptions, deflected passes and youth to the table. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, rumors have surfaced that general manager John Dorsey is reaching contract agreements with Chris Hubbard, and Donald Stephenson who would offset the loss of Joe Thomas. Dorsey has also been able to come to terms with Carlos Hyde to shore up the Browns’ backfield.

Although catching abilities and injuries are a concern when it comes to Hyde, he’s still a great addition to the team. General Manager Dorsey said, “anytime you can have a chance to acquire three good football players right off the bat in the trades, you’ve got to do it.” And that’s exactly what he did, making some additions and subtractions.

The Browns still managed to hold on to all five of Cleveland’s picks in the first two rounds of this year’s draft. The Browns have the No. 1 and No. 4 picks and they have three in the second round. With St. Patty’s Day around the corner, it looks the Browns got lucky this offseason. Sorry fans, it doesn’t look like we’ll be having a losing parade this time around.

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2017 Browns Mock Drafts: WZIP Edition

Like most football fans, we here at WZIP absolutely love when mock drafts roll around. So this year, we figured why not create our own? Below are a few different mock drafts for this upcoming NFL draft as each draft explores different routes the Browns can take to finally get their franchise turned around. Will this draft for Cleveland be one for the ages? Or (like so many drafts prior) will the Browns end up with a bunch of busts (and not the kind in Canton)? Some drafts keep it simple with selections, others include trades. Check all of the drafts out below!

*Drafts were created BEFORE compensatory picks were announced on Friday, February 24th. The Browns received 4 additional picks that are not included in these drafts.

Colin Valencic

First round

  1.      DE – Myles Garrett – Texas A&M

After years of missing out on the first overall pick by just a few wins, the Browns didn’t pick an awful year to be the worst team in the league record wise. That’s because the “trophy” in this year’s draft is defensive end Myles Garrett. The 6’5’’ 270 lbs junior’s name has talked about as the number one overall pick since last year’s draft ended, and for good reason. The combination of Garretts strength and athletes makes him a prototypical pass rusher, a position the Browns desperately need to address. If everything goes as planned, Garrett will be sacking quarterbacks in the brown and orange for the next decade.

  1.  S – Malik Hooker – Ohio State

Ryan Shazier, Eli Apple, Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa, and many more Ohio State Buckeyes have been passed up by the Browns in drafts in recent memory, leaving many Ohioans frustrated as they see these players go on to have successful NFL careers. Due to roster need, Malik Hooker is the perfect fit for the Browns at 12. Not to take away from Hooker’s ability, the 6’2’’ safety is a ball hawk and attacks the football in passing lanes better than anyone in the country in the 2016-17 college football season. Hooker only started one year while in Columbus, so naturally his experience will be questioned, but if Hooker can stay disciplined to his role in the NFL he could make a big impact with his raw talent in year one.

Second round

  1. OT – Cam Robinson – Alabama

This is a bit wishful thinking, but I do believe the Browns are beginning to worry about life after Joe Thomas. Due to trouble with the law, Cam Robinson’s stock has fallen drastically since the beginning of the college football season so I think this may be a perfect opportunity for the Browns to pounce on a highly touted Alabama prospect. After the combine I’m sure he’ll move up the draft board, but for now I have him at 33.

  1. TE – Evan Engram – Ole Miss

Gary Barnidge second year as the feature TE in Cleveland didn’t go quite as well as his first, and in a Hue Jackson offense a good Tight-end is vital in success. Engram is extremely athletic and his ceiling is higher than some may think. His route running seems to be a bit more polished then other college tight-ends and I think Hue Jackson will jump at the opportunity to draft this man.

Third round

  1. QB Brad Kaya – Miami (FLA.)

It was coming sooner or later, I do believe the Browns will end up a number of their picks, as well as some future picks, for a quarterback before the draft. As of today, they have not yet, so Brad Kaya is the next contestant up on the longest running series in the league, “The Next Browns Quarterback,” Est. 1999. It’s like the bachelor, but much less eventful. Good luck Brad!

Fifth round

  1. WR – Trent Taylor – La. Tech

The Browns fall flat on the face with their WR selections in the second half of the draft last semester as Ricardo Louis, Seth DeValve, Jordan Payton and Rashard Higgins all should flashes, but couldn’t find consistence. The Browns will try to make good with Taylor early in the fifth round.

  1. LB – Paul Magloire – Arizona

Magloire lead the Wildcat’s defense in tackling last season in his second season starting at linebacker, and he is an athletic freak. If he is available this late, this would be a good value pick for the Browns.

Sixth round

159 – QB Josh Dobbs – Tennessee

With the Browns last pick in the 2017 draft, they’re going to just keep trying to get it right….


Rocco Nuosci

First Round:

  1. (1st Pick)Myles Garrett, DL, Texas A&M: The consensus “best player” of this upcoming draft class, Garrett would provide immediate help to a defense that certainly needs it… and a lot of it. If there’s one thing the New York Giants have taught us, it’s that you can win a Super Bowl with lots of depth on the D-line, and Garrett gets the Browns started in the right direction on that front. With 47 tackles for loss and 31 sacks over his collegiate career at Texas A&M, Garrett would find a nice little niche as the Browns premier pass rusher from day 1.
  2. (12th pick) Mike Williams, WR, Clemson: The Browns have infuriated fans with not drafting receivers over the years which changed last year with the Corey Coleman pick (which has looked like a good one thus far), so why not give that offense another weapon? With a 6-3, 200 pound frame, Williams instantly becomes a big time threat for the Browns. Last season, Williams hauled in 98 catches for just over 1300 yards and 50 touchdowns. A receiving core of Pryor, Williams, and Coleman would be nice for whatever poor soul is stuck playing quarterback for the ol’ Brownies next year.

Second Round

  1. (33rd pick) Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU: It’s no secret that the Browns secondary has been a bit suspect in recent years. With Joe Haden’s performance as the premier cover guy continues to dwindle week by week it seems, the Browns should look to shore up that secondary. White was First Team All-America and First Team All-SEC last year and provided the Tigers with 34 broken up passes and 4 interceptions (including one pick six) during his collegiate career.
  2. (52nd pick) Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M: Why not take two Aggies in the first 2 rounds? Evans enters the draft with a 6-1, 195 pound frame that he is not afraid to use. The big hitter racked up 87 tackles last year (including 52 solo stops) along with 4 interceptions. Evans provides instant relief to a safety core that just flat is not good. Evans has also proven the ability to handle kick returns (although so could Justin Gilbert and…. Just nevermind).

Third Round

  1. (65th pick) Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech: Scratch everything you have heard about the Browns not drafting a quarterback this year. Mahomes (assuming he is still on the board) could be a great fit in Cleveland… the key word being could. Mahomes put up great numbers last year (65.7 completion percentage, 5052 passing yards, and 41 touchdowns) however his mechanics are still a bit raw and he definitely needs some polishing if he ever hopes to make an impact in the league. Having Coleman, Pryor, and possibly Mike Williams on the roster could help Mahomes out.

Fifth Round

  1. (128th pick) Kareem Are, G, Florida State: Are missed the first two games of last season via concussion. However, Dalvin Cook’s numbers increased rapidly after his return. Coincidence? Take it as you want, but any 6-6, 334 pound guard with as much strength as Are can shore up any offensive line, especially a Browns offensive line touting Alvin Bailey as its best guard. With a very weak offensive line class with no depth to it, I keep this as my only O-Line pick of the draft.
  2. (158th pick) Kevin Davis, LB, Colorado State: Cleveland’s linebacker core got much stronger with the addition of Jamie Collins, however, an upgrade over Demario Davis on the inside is needed. Davis, who is one of three players in FCS play last year to record over 100 tackles, multiple sacks, multiple forced fumbles, and at least one interception. The multi-talent linebacker would be a nice addition to the Browns’ worrisome defense.

Sixth Round

  1. (159th pick) Corey Clement, RB, Wisconsin: Clement would be a nice late-round addition to a team that has gotten pretty inconsistent play from its tailbacks in Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson. A hard runner, Clement had a great year with the Badgers in 2016, rushing for over 1300 yards (including a 164 yard performance against the Buckeyes) and 15 touchdowns.

Clay Wyers

Round 1, Pick 1: Myles Garrett  DE, Texas A&M

After seeing what the Eagles did with Carson Wentz last year using a pick Cleveland traded to them, I don’t think there’s any way that Cleveland trades their first pick this year. With Myles Garrett being the projected number 1 overall pick, I think its a no brainer for Cleveland to take him. Sure, we really need a QB, but we also need pretty much everything else, and finding a good pass rusher can be difficult in the NFL.

Round 1, Pick 12:   Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama

I think Cleveland has a few decent options for QB, and none involve drafting a QB in the first round. Cody Kessler showed some promise, and Tyrod Taylor could be available, and I think that if the Browns take a QB, they should do it in the later rounds, firstly focus on the difficult skill positions, like CB. Humphrey’s a solid choice, coming from Alabama, and I think its a safe bet.

Round 2: Pick 1:  Antonio Garcia, OT, Troy

A big priority for the Browns should be the offensive line. We had 3 QBs start the first 3 weeks of the season, because of injuries, and whoever is the quarterback for the Browns just needs to be better protected. I think the Browns will take an OT early second round to help shore up the offensive line.

Round 2: Pick 18:  C Pat Elflein, Ohio State

Again, the Browns need a better Offensive Line. They need to stop trying to make Irving at center happen, because its not going to happen. Elflein from Ohio state could be a good pick, as he has experience as a center, is from our backyard, and knows what its like to win, atleast at the college level.

Round 3: Pick 1: Sidney Jones, CB, Washington

Another CB, the Browns need pretty much everything, and Sidney Jones could be a part of their new secondary that can finish games

5th Round:

Jordan Willis, DE Kansas State

Damontae Kazee, CB San Diego State

6th Round:

Xavier Woods, S  Lousiana Tech

Ben Thomas

Ben went with a slightly different approach to things, giving us two mock drafts. One he feels is more realistic, the other, well…. One can dream, right?

Probable Draft:

1 (1)– Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

1 (12)– Marlon Humphry, CB, Alabama

2 (33)– Garrett Bolles, OT, Utah

2 (52)– Malachi Dupre, WR, LSU

3 (65)– Desmond King, S, Iowa

5 (128)– Tyler Orlosky, C, West Virginia

5 (158)– James Connor, RB, Pittsburgh

6 (159)- Ryan Switzer, WR, North Carolina

Dream Draft:

1 (1)– Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

1 (12)– Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State

2(33)– Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama

2 (52)- TRADE (Send to New England for Jimmy Garoppolo)

3 (65)– Juju Smith-Schuster, WR, USC

5 (128)– TRADE (Send to New England for Jimmy Garoppolo)

5 (158)– Tyler Orlosky, C, West Virginia

6 (159)– James Connor, RB, Pittsburgh

Mario Beverley

Pick 1 Myles Garrett DE, Texas A&M

Pick 12 Quincy Wilson CB, Florida

Pick 33 Deshaun Watson QB, Clemson

Pick 52 Ethan Pocic OL, LSU

Pick 65  Adoree’ Jackson, CB, USC

Pick 128 Avery Gennesy OT, Texas A&M

Pick 158 Marquel Lee LB, Wake Forest

Pick 159 Jerome Lane WR, Akron

Nick Jordan

Pick 1: Myles Garrett

Pick 12: Jabrill Peppers

Pick 33: DeShone Kizer

Pick 52: T.J. Watt

Pick 65: O-Lineman

Pick 128: O-Lineman

Pick 158: O-Lineman

Pick 159: O-Lineman

Analysis: Once again the Browns have a prime opportunity to add some supreme talent to the roster in the early rounds. Garrett seems to be the consensus first pick and has even said he would like to play in Cleveland if drafted (bruh, you lyin’). Hopefully the fact that Jabrill Peppers doesn’t have a set position causes him to fall to the Browns at the 12th pick; I think Peppers ends up being a safety in the NFL and that is definitely an area the team will address in the draft. If Kizer falls all the way to the second round and the Browns don’t trade for Jimmy “no guap” Garrapolo I will lose my mind with joy. T.J. Watt has the pedigree to be a star in the league and might not make it to the second round, but there is some optimism that the Browns will have a chance to snag him with their second, second round pick. In my personal opinion, if the Browns don’t draft at least three offensive linemen, the draft will be a failure.

NFL Draft: Defensive Interior Scouting Report

With the draft getting closer and closer, here is a look at some of the impact players that will be in the trenches of the NFL this fall.


DeForest Buckner- 6’7, 291 Lbs., University of Oregon


Strengths- The reigning PAC 12 defensive player of the year poses great size and very long arms that should help him when hand fighting in pass rush. He is also very vestal and can play multiple positions along the defensive line. He was primarily an interior player at Oregon, but has the build of a defensive end. Buckner showed great quickness in his award winning season which allowed him to dominate centers and guards. He figures to be a great fit in a 4-3 scheme with his combination of speed and strength, as well as his versatility (even though the Ducks ran a 3-4). His go-to move is a quick spin move which he can do from both sides of the line. The move is very quick which makes it hard for linemen to get their hands inside on him.


Weaknesses- Buckner tends to play high at times, which can be expected due to his height. This can allow linemen to get underneath him and slow down his pass rush. He also appears to fall in love with his swim and a straight bull rush. Professional lineman can handle these moves better than those in college, so Buckner will need to expand his arsenal.


Projected Pick- Buckner will more than likely be taken in the first 7 picks of the draft. Teams seem to be wanting to play him as an end more than a tackle, which helps his draft stock. Buckner will be the second defensive lineman off the board (assuming Ohio State’s Joey Bosa is the first). He will be a steal for any team if he falls past Baltimore, who owns the number 6 pick overall. I believe that Baltimore is where Buckner ends up, and he will prove to be a great anchor for the Ravens front 7.


Browns Radar? – I do not view Buckner as a guy the Browns will be targeting. The only exception would be if they trade out of the number 2 pick. Buckner comes from a 3-4 defense, which is what the Browns run, but he does not appear to be on the radar of the team.




Sheldon Rankins- 6’1, 299 lbs., Louisville


Strengths- Sheldon Rankins is a big man, and he knows exactly how to be big. He was 299 pounds of brute force in the middle of the Louisville front line, showing great strength both in the pass and run games. The best thing that Rankins can do is take on a double team, which is essential for interior lineman. He also has good speed for a lineman (4.96 40-yard dash at pro day) which allows him to stunt well. This allows him to impact the game as a pass rusher.


Weaknesses- It’s a simple fact, NFL offensive lineman are very strong. If Rankins doesn’t expand his pass rush moves, he will learn this lesson very quickly. ACC pass rushers did not fare well against the powerful bull rush that Sheldon possesses. A good move for him to pick up would be a simple club and rip through, which is quick, simple, and can keep the shorter arms of centers from latching on to him.


Projected Pick- Rankins is very much a wild card when it comes to where he will be taken, which seems to be the case with interior lineman not named Ndumakong Suh. He possesses top 20 talent, but scheme fit could take over the minds of most teams (and rightfully so). I believe that the Colts will take Rankins with the 18th overall pick. The Colts have a lot of offensive weapons, so it makes sense to focus on the other side of the ball with this pick. Rankins will be a good piece for the Colts moving forward and could make an immediate impact.


Browns Radar? – The only way that Rankins could be an option for the Browns is if he falls to 32, which is very unlikely. He is a top 20 talent and will be drafted accordingly. The Browns also took Danny Shelton in last year’s draft, and despite struggles, is still the man in the middle.



Jarran Reed- 6’3, 307 lbs., Alabama


Strengths- Reed can best be described as a run game anchor. He is very good at clogging up gaps and taking on two blockers, which is vital for a defensive interior player in the NFL. When he gets his hands inside of blockers they cannot contain him. He was the perfect fit for the run stopping defense of Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide.


Weaknesses- While he is so good against the run, Reed struggles against the pass. He does not have very good moves, including his bull rush. He also cannot string a series of moves together. Another major problem that occurred this past season is that he would get fatigued easily. He has a great motor early on, but as the series and quarters move on, Reed seems to fade. He is a great talent, but if he can only go 50%, that doesn’t mean much. He also tends to stay locked onto blockers because his moves aren’t good enough to disengage.


Projected Pick- I believe that Reed will slip a little in the draft due to his weaknesses. He is still an incredible talent, but has a lot of work to do. The Green Bay Packers need to replace BJ Raji who stepped away from football this offseason. Reed with the 27th pick would appear to make a lot of sense for both the Packers and Reed.


Browns radar? – Reed will not be a Brown. The Browns already have a big young interior player in Danny Shelton and will not be taking another one. Reed will go to a team with need at the position before the Browns come around at 32.






A’Shawn Robinson- 6’4, 307 lbs, Alabama


Strengths- The first thing that jumps off the tape when watching Robinson is the leverage he plays with. He has great hip action and is able to explode out of his stance. He also gets down the line exceptionally well and rarely allows an offensive lineman to cross his face. He was the perfect player to play beside Jarran Reed due to his ability to get to the passer. He has great pass rush technique and has a down right relentless motor. He also does an exceptional job of hand fighting to keep blockers hands off of him. He is also very good on stunts due to his freak athleticism and ability to navigate the holes in the offensive line.


Weaknesses- Robinson has a bad habit of playing high. He has often tries to let his athletic ability take over, which can allow blockers to get underneath him, and that is never a good thing when playing up front. Another thing that scouts are worried about is the lack of production that he had despite all of the athleticism that he possesses. It also would not hurt him to learn more pass rush moves, as offensive lineman seemed to pick up on his game plan early and often.


Projected Pick- Robinson has a ton of upside despite having some flaws. He is a raw player who could develop into one of the best interior defensive lineman in the game. His upside makes him a very enticing pick inside of the top 15. I believe that he ends up going 12th overall to the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have been lack-luster at best on defense the past couple of years, and could use someone with the upside of Robinson to be a potential star.


Browns radar? – Robinson will not be a factor for the Browns. He is not good enough to be taken number 2 and will not fall to 32. Even if he did fall to 32, it would be hard to justify taking any defensive interior player due to drafting Danny Shelton just a year ago.



Andrew Billings- 6’1, 311 lbs., Baylor


Strengths- Billings is a powerful, powerful man. He is an absolute load up front and can throw aside 300-pound lineman with ease. He plays low and explosive and can take on multiple blockers. He is very explosive and can get to the passer. He also plays with a very high motor and it shows that he loves playing the game.


Weaknesses- He does play low, but sometimes the way he plays low is a problem. He does it by leaning and can tend to overextend. It’s good to stay low, but if you lean too far, you can end up on the ground. Billings also struggles to react to plays that do not come directly at him. He does not get down the line well and also is not very good on stunts, specifically loops. This lack of movement can make him very one dimensional.


Projected Pick- Billings is a guy who will either go late in the first round or early in the second. He is a very good player, but his lack of mobility could be a turn off. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a great history of producing great defensive players. Billings could be their next breakout star if the Steelers take him with the 25th overall pick, which I believe they will.


Browns Radar? – Billings may be on the board still when the Browns make their second round pick. However, the position is one of the few positions that the Browns do not need. Even if he is still there, it is likely that the Browns will go elsewhere.




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Scouting Report: Quarterbacks

T-1. Carson Wentz

  • Height: 6’ 5”
  • Weight: 237
  • College: North Dakota State
  • Class: Senior

Wentz was the Dark Horse of the draft after the college season ended, but not anymore. After a strong senior bowl week and a very impressive combine, Wentz could be the first overall pick. He has the size you are looking for in a NFL Quarterback. He has the arm and the touch to be successful. He is also very athletic. At the Combine he ran a 4.77 second 40 yard dash. He is a winner. He won back to back FCS National Championships and only lost 3 games in 2 seasons as the starter. He ran a pro style system in college and would call the protection on passing plays. He is a football guy and has no red flags off the field. His question marks are that he is coming from a smaller school, so will he be able to adjust to the speed and strength of the NFL. He will most likely need to sit some time before playing to adjust and learn the ins and outs of being a quarterback in the NFL

He has the higher potential of the top quarterbacks, he has measurable and size that is comparable to Andrew Luck. His upside is what is the most intriguing. If he develops and matures he can be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

Why he would be a good pick for the Browns: Wentz has the size and arm to fit into the AFC North. He is athletic, uses his feet and has played in a pro system in college. He will need some time to sit and develop and with Robert Griffin Wentz can do that. With comparisons to Andrew Luck and Blake Bortles, he is a Franchise Quarterback in the making. If the Browns want to land Wentz that will have to be at 2. Wentz will not fall out of the Top 2 picks.

T-1. Jared Goff

  • Height: 6’4”
  • Weight: 215
  • College: California
  • Class: Junior


Goff is right there with Wentz. He is the most NFL ready of the two. He is more accurate and has better footwork of the two. Does not have the biggest arm but can make all the throws. He was a three year starter at Cal, where the team improved each season that Goff was there. He has very good pocket presence and can use his feet to move the pocket. He has the height to be successful, but he does have a slim frame, and only 9 inch hands, which is right on the edge of what a good quarterback should have. He is a very clean and smooth passer. Quick release. Smooth feet and footwork. Which he showed off at the combine. His questions are what he can do in an NFL type of offensive. He played in the shot gun in the Spread at Cal. He has a slimmer frame and hands on the smaller end, so the questions are if he can take the hits and play well in tough weather.

He does not have the highest ceiling but he can still can be a successful NFL quarterback. He may need some time to develop but he is ready to start day one. He has the footwork and quick release that you look for and the accuracy to be successful.

Why he would be a good pick for the Browns: He is ready. He does not need a lot of work on his footwork or the fundamentals. He just needs to adapt to a NFL type of offensive system. He has good pocket presence which will be a big help with a weak offensive line at the moment. His accuracy would be a plus as with no big time receivers, accuracy will help them out as much as possible. Just like Wentz, he is also a franchise caliber Quarterback. To grab Goff, it would have to be with the number 2 pick. Just like Wentz, the odds of him falling out of the top 2 is very slim.

  • I have them tied for the number one quarterback because nether have separated themselves enough to be the true number one. Wentz has the higher ceiling and better size, but Wentz will need some time to develop. While Goff can go out and start day one. He may not have the biggest arm, but he has the arm to be good in the league for many years. The LA Rams traded up to grab one of these two guys and both are worthy of the number 1 pick.
  1. Paxton Lynch

– Height: 6’7”

– Weight: 244

– College: Memphis

– Class: Junior

Lynch is a project. He has more than enough size at 6’7”, he has a big arm and athletic as well. He has good feet for a guy of his size, but his footwork still needs work and improvement. He also comes out of the spread, just like Goff so he will need to adjust at a NFL offensive as well. He can move the pocket and run when he needs to. With his arm, can make all the throws. He showed good decision making in college, not forcing the ball too much. His weaknesses are that he needs to have better footwork, and with that will better accuracy. He just needs to learn a NFL system as well. He is more of a project than Wentz because he has to work on his footwork and to play under center. He has the ability to be a very good NFL quarterback, he just needs to be developed right and not be rushed into playing.

Why he would be a good pick for the Browns: He is tall, big and has the arm to be successful in the AFC North. Again, he will need to sit, and with Griffin, there is no rush for him to start. He can sit and learn until he is ready. He can use his feet if need be which is a plus when the line is weak and it also adds depth to the offensive. Has the potential to be a team’s quarterback of the future, it just depends on his development. To draft Lynch, 2 is too high to take him, 32 might be too late. If the Browns want to get him, they would have to trade back into the middle of the first round to grab him.

  1. Connor Cook

– Height: 6’4”

– Weight: 217

– College: Michigan State

– Class: Senior

Cook was a 4 year starter for Michigan St. winning two Big Ten Championships along the way. He was very consistent and very good for the Spartans. He played under center in a pro style offensive. He has good anticipation and quick footwork. Can move the pocket and throws well on the run. He has a quick release and will go through his reads when throwing the ball. There are questions about his leadership skills, being he wasn’t a caption his senior year. He struggles with accuracy at times and will get away from his footwork and fundamentals when he rushes throws. Cook is a project quarterback as well. He needs to find a good system and team to work with. Cook can be a good starter, just like he was at Michigan St. He just need coaching and time.

Why he would be a good pick for the Browns: He is an Ohio kid. He played his high school at Walsh Jesuit and had a very successful career at Michigan St. He is not a day one starter, so no need to rush him. He does not have a huge arm, but he has the arm to be successful and the body type to last in the league. He also comes from a pro style offensive so he just needs to adjust to the speed of the game, as well work on his footwork and accuracy. To grab Cook, 32 should be fine. Cook is a good pick at 32 if you take a good player at 2. But if a team falls in love with him, you would have to jump back into the mid first round to grab him.

  1. Dak Prescott

            – Height: 6’2”

– Weight: 226

– College: Mississippi St

– Class: Senior

Prescott took a big step his senior year, he became a better passer and relied more on it rather than his legs. He has a very quick release. When he has a clean pocket, he can make all the throws with accuracy. He grew a lot as a passer his final year. He played with better vison and decision making. His legs are a good option for him. With his frame he is good around the goal line and when things start to break down. He does not have the best pocket presence, his deep throw accuracy is spotty at time. He tends to not lead his receivers. At the next level, he will need to keep growing as a quarterback. He has the talent to be a starter, he just needs to be in a good situation, and he would not be able to lead a team right away.

Why he would be a good fit for the Browns: He is a wild card. He showed that he can be a very good dual threat quarterback. He still needs work, a good amount of work. He has the body and size to succeed. He just needs to be fine-tuned. Needs to work on footwork, work from under center, and his accuracy and pocket presence. Overall, if the Browns want to wait and groom a guy completely, Prescott will be a good choice for that. To draft him, 32 would be a bit of a stretch. The third round would be a better place to draft Prescott. He is a project and needs time. If you really want him, the middle of the second would be a good place if you can get into that position.