A Celebration Fit for a King

Akron, OH- For the second summer in the last three years, the city of Akron once again proved to LeBron James that this city really is home.

During the summer of 2014 amidst the return of James to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the city gathered at the University of Akron’s Infocision Stadium to welcome back the king in conjunction with the LeBron James Family Foundation.

While the year has certainly changed since then, the atmosphere certainly had not, as Akron was out loud and proud once again and this time, things were even crazier.

More than 20,000 people from all over the greater Akron area showed up last night in support of LeBron, as Lock 3 filled up in a matter of minutes once gates were opened.

In fact, the venue became so full that entrance was denied to further supporters as they were forced to watch on the big screen at next door Canal Park, which also became filled to capacity.

During the walk through the streets, many people were excited to be interviewed, many of which proclaiming their love for LeBron and for everything he has done for the city.

One thing that certainly deserves mentioning were all of the street vendors. They were plentiful and just about every single vendor had a sizeable line for their products. It was really incredible to see all of the people throwing any money they could towards LeBron/championship gear.

Fresh off the heels of a 4-3 Finals series win, LeBron and his hometown were ready to celebrate. And while the numbers may not have reached Cleveland levels, this celebration was fun just the same.

There were many great speeches prior to James coming on stage, including two from his former coaches Dru Joyce Sr. and University of Akron head basketball coach Keith Dambrot. Both had very compelling words to say about James.

Once LeBron made his way on stage the place completely erupted, drowning the king with loudness and love in his throne at Lock 3. A new banner was also displayed for the first time behind Lock 3, featuring James holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy and LeBron’s famous “nothing is given….” Quote.

The activities also included the unveiling of the new street sign for “King James Way” which will be the new name of the part of Main Street that runs between Market Street and Exchange Street.

In the end, the event ran great and was very fitting for LeBron. He has done a tremendous amount for both the city of Akron and the university, and it is only right that they honor him for such.LeBron James