This Season on the Bachelor…………

The 24th season of the Bachelor came to a close this past Monday, and if you watched any of Peter Weber’s journey to find love, then you know it was not an easy one. As Chris Harrison would put it, it was the most dramatic season of the bachelor yet.

Starting off like any other season, Pilot Pete was presented with 30 contestants. After meeting and speaking to each one, it was clear that there were a few front runners. The first night it was revealed that Kelley and Peter had previously met after running into each other in a hotel lobby. Some call it fate, but I call it incredible production. While these two were clearly hitting it off from the start, it was Hannah Ann who received the first impression rose.

Another leading lady of Peter’s season was Madison, who received the first one-on-one date, following Peter to his parents vowel renewal. She attended the ceremony sitting in the front row next to Peter and even caught the bouquet during the after-party. The date appeared as though it had gone flawlessly and Madison was given a rose.

Throughout the entirety of Peter’s season, it seemed as though the drama could always find its way into any situation. First there was Champaign-gate, which was then followed by Victoria F’s ex-boyfriend performing at her one-on-one. The drama then moved on to Alayah and her rose debacle, then found its way back to Victoria F. However, the peak of this journey occurred after filming concluded.

Peter’s season came down to Hannah Ann and Madison. Both women met Peter’s family and it was VERY clear they had a favorite. Barbara, Peter’s mother, grew extremely fond of Hannah Ann. The same could not be said for Madison. After giving Peter an ultimatum, Madison decided to leave, resulting in Hannah Ann being the lone survivor. Despite his extremely strong feelings for Madi, Peter decided to propose to Hannah Ann. It did not last long. Peter realized he had made a mistake and broke off the engagement. Chris Harrison then secretly went to Madison, telling her that Peter was single and encouraging her to meet back up with him. The two talked it over and decided to take things slowly, aka, get back together.

During the live showing, Chris Harrison brought out Madison and Peter to discuss the events that led up to the rekindling of their relationship. While discussing their history, they kept a camera on his mother, recording all of her reactions. She was not happy, to say the least. The camera caught every eye roll, every glare, and every comment. When asked how she felt, she held nothing back, expressing her concerns in a rather blunt fashion for live national television. The mother even went as far as to tell Chris that Peter’s “going to have to fail to succeed,” even following it up with, “everyone who knows him, knows it is not going to work.”  Fairly harsh words when the girl they are targeted toward is in the same room.

In summary, Pilot Pete’s season was a roller-coaster. There were surprises at every turn, things got turned upside down, and it flew by and was over before we knew it. But even after everything, we are left with one question: Does mother know best? I guess we will have to wait and see.