UA Men Organization Interview

We spoke with Javier Seldon who is currently a senior here at the University of Akron and also the president of a student organization by the name of “Uamen”. Uamen is dedicated to help men togetherness and to gain more African American empowerment. Seldon has been president of Uamen for 2 semesters now and during his interview he spoke about what some things were that he wanted to see happen within his org “I would love to see us bring onto campus a African American women’s org” he stated. This fall semester Seldon plans to pair up with another organization on campus to hold a Men Vs Women “Relationship Debate” where Uamen will speak on relationships do’s and don’ts. Seldon also spoke on his ability to balance school, work and being president of a student organization all at once “I just realized that not you cant do everything on your own, which is why I get help from my executive board.”

Seldon is interested in gaining new members so that he could help out more with the men on campus. If you or anyone knows someone who will be interested in joining Uamen they are currently active on Instagram at ua_men.