Women In Sports

In January, the Women’s National Basketball Association agreed to new bargaining agreements for the upcoming 2020 basketball season this summer. This has been such an important and necessary announcement for a while. Women in sports have been underrepresented in various ways, rather being in the WNBA, reporting, hosting, and the list continues. In this sports industry, it has been a fight for women to receive the publicity that they needed and earned due to the world that has been put in.

In this agreement, it includes a 53% increase in pay rate, maternity benefits, and improved traveling conditions. Due to the new agreement players are now promised with “Premium Economy Class”, including individual accommodations for hotels when traveling. In addition to veteran players being covered up to $60,000 going towards adoption,surrogacy, fertility treatments all included in the new CBA. 

Last year the average WNBA player made about $113,000, now due to the increase and agreement they should be looking at about $130,000 including the bonuses that come along with this association. High ranked players can now earn more than $500,000 which is three times more than the compensation agreement. Comparing this data the National Basketball Associate known as the NBA average players makes about $7.7 Million for the season according to CNBC. 

This is a great way to get the WNBA Association on the move for better and great results soon. They have a countless number of athletes entering the draft. These ladies have performed on and off the court why this act should have been in place. From serving their communities, helping the youth, performing as a team together, hard work in the gym, the list continues. 

Due to this agreement it’s to believe the WNBA will not only be a growing association but one to represent why women deserve a spot in the sports industry, not only while playing the game but when it comes to broadcasting, reporting, hosting and more. While working together and giving the youth the guidance they will. This association will continue to be work in progress for the better such as an increasing fan base, increased salary/benefits and etc.

Author: Ja’Mya Kyle