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We did it!

As anyone who has been on an archaeological excavation knows, the last week is always a crazy time. The last of the finds came in from the field as John completed his digging in Operation U, where a small part … Continue reading

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With a little help from our friends.

This year we have enjoyed visits from a number of groups — both old friends and new. We are anticipating one final group of vistors this season: a Far Horizons tour group who are arriving at Ziyaret Tepe on Friday … Continue reading

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On the road.

One of the most important elements of any dig is a reliable means of transport. With a large team and piles of equipment, the daily logistics of moving from the dig house to the excavations and back, along with numerous … Continue reading

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Wrapping up Operation T.

Kemalettin has closed down Operation T for the season. It was a very interesting excavation area although, contrary to our expectations, we did not find the Assyrian street system and private houses we were seeking. Rather, Kemalettin was able to … Continue reading

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Hayley tackles giant ceramic jigsaw puzzles.

When you go to a museum, you expect to see complete, or at least nearly complete, artifacts that can be appreciated as much for their artistry and beauty as for their information content. In the field, the reality is that … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Okay, this may not be directly related to archaeology, but I know my 86-year-old mother is checking the blog daily, so I wanted to wish her a happy birthday from our sunny little village of Tepe. It has been many, … Continue reading

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