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Winding down the excavations.

At the end of each season, we take a series of final photographs which document the results of the digging. This picture shows the workmen, Dirk, and his team sweeping the trenches in Operation N in preparation for final photographs. … Continue reading

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Egyptian god Bes figurine found in tomb.

A small frit figurine of the god Bes, identified by Willis, came out of the grave from operation M. Only a fraction of an inch high, the figurine was pierced to be suspended on a fine thread. It was found in … Continue reading

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Update from the lab: lion.

Tina, our faunal analyst, reports that a find unique to Ziyaret Tepe was uncovered last week coming from the building, perhaps the residence of a wealthy person, that Kemalletin is excavating located in the lower town (Operation M). The ulna … Continue reading

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Cuneiform tablet discovered in Operation W.

In an earlier post, I explained that we reached the lower floor of the pebbled courtyard in Operation W, demonstrating that there was an earlier phase of the large mudbrick building we excavated there as Operation G/R in 2001-2010. This … Continue reading

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Rich Assyrian grave found beneath the floor in Operation M.

The excavation of the large building in Operation M took a very interesting and exciting turn on Wednesday when Kemalettin discovered a burial under the earlier of two floors in the large building in Operation M. The burial, officially labelled … Continue reading

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No grave in Operation W.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity at the dig as all of the excavation units are now down to the floor levels and we are uncovering the important primary contexts. We have made some really interesting … Continue reading

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We’re famous!

Well, at least one of our artifacts is famous. I just got word that the latest edition of Archaeology magazine just came out and a cuneiform text discovered a few years ago and recently published by John was chosen as the … Continue reading

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Stratigraphy in Operation V.

Work is progressing steadily in Operation V. The photograph below was taken just at daybreak this morning, when the light is still gentle enough to get a decent exposure. What you see here is our normal excavation square, 10 meters … Continue reading

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Meet our new colleagues from Warsaw.

We have a number of new team members this season bringing fresh perspectives, skills, and experiences to the Ziyaret Tepe project. From previous posts, you know that ours is a very diverse project and, over the years, scholars from over … Continue reading

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Interesting developments in the “barracks” (Operation V).

Continued excavation by John, Kristina, and Charlie in Operation V has brought to light some interesting details regarding the building we thought might represent an Assyrian barracks or storeroom. The mudbrick walls are quite close to the surface and badly … Continue reading

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