Welcome to the Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Expedition summer 2011 blog! Starting on July 8, my team and I will be sending daily updates on the progress of our expedition to the Ziyaret Tepe, the ancient Assyrian city of Tushhan, in southeastern Turkey. If you’ve ever wanted to go on an archaeological dig but couldn’t find the spare two months to do so, here’s your chance! We will be putting up brief news summaries, pictures, and a running commentary documenting life on a Middle Eastern dig site. Feel free to send us questions or comments – we want to hear from you.

To get you started, I’ve put in a few postsĀ as background information, there’s a map (see “Where is Ziyaret Tepe?”) and, of course, you can always visit our website by selecting the “Ziyaret Tepe home page” link on the top menu bar.