From McCollester to Miller: UA’s Past from a Presidential Perspective

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UA Presidents (From Right to Left) Marion A. Ruebel, Norman P. Auburn, and Dominic J. Guzzetta with Board Secretary Ted Mallo at Ruebel Investiture at E.J. Thomas Hall, 1996

In honor of The University of Akron’s Sesquicentennial, Archival Services of University Libraries created this online exhibition to recognize the University’s proud past, as seen through the perspective of its 18 presidents.  Using historic photographs and an array of primary source materials from the University Archives, the exhibit highlights the achievements and adversities of each leader who donned the presidential medallion, from our first president, Rev. Sullivan H. McCollester, to our current president, Dr. Gary L. Miller. In spite of numerous challenges over our 150 year history including disasters, depressions, wars, financial hardships, protests, and pandemics, each president helped transform the institution into the vital urban research university it is today.