Gaurav Amarpuri
Gaurav Amarpuri


Hometown:                                                Delhi, India

Education:                                                  2008
B.Tech. in Textile Technology
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

Work Experience:                           06/2008-05/2012
Senior Engineer at Aditya Birla Science & Technology Company Ltd., Mumbai, India
Worked on process improvement and new product development projects for cellulose fibre and yarn business of Aditya Birla Group

Research Interests:                                                                                                                        My current research interests include understanding the structure-property relationship of biological materials using spectroscopy.  Nature uses limited chemistry but different structures at different scales to achieve incredible functions. For example, calcium carbonate in the form the chalk is brittle, but in the form of sea-shell is one of the strongest biomaterials known.  Biological materials are non-crystalline or semi-crystalline in nature, and also have a complex mix of  chemical entities arranged in a specific manner. Spectroscopy techniques have the capability to selectively probe conformations in a complex mixture of different chemical entities.