English Composition Program

English Department First-Year Composition Program

The English Department offers English Composition I and English Composition II as core general education requirements.

Students are advised to select general education courses in conjunction with courses needed for their major during the first few semesters of study.

The following general education courses are offered through our department*:

ENGLISH -6 credits minimum, sequential. Appropriate placement by adviser.

  • 3300:111 English Composition I (3)
  • 3300:113 African American Lang. and Culture I (3)


  • 3300:112 English Composition II (3)
  • 3300:114 African American Lang. and Culture II (3)

*2020:121 English and 2020:222 Technical Report Writing are offered through Summit College.

For more information regarding the English Composition program, please visit the First-Year Composition Home page.

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