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UL Book Acknowledgement

Labor in Akron, 1825-1945 by John A. Tully describes the story of U. S. labor in Akron, Ohio as it has a history of intense struggle, both between Capital and Labor and between conflicting forms of labor organization.  This book was published by the UA Press and is in our catalog.  Dr. Tully came to Akron several summers ago to research his books on rubber, according to Jeffrey Franks. In this book, he acknowledges the assistance that he received here at The University of Akron and shares a story about Jeff’s grandfather.  Thanks to Thea Ledendecker, here’s the part of the acknowledgments:   


I was fortunate in researching for this book to make the acquaintance of a number of very helpful archivists and librarians in Akron and elsewhere in Ohio. Firstly, I must thank the staff at The University of Akron Archives for their help. These include the current director, Vic Fleischer, John Ball, and the former director, John Miller. Sadly, another UAA archivist, Craig Holbert, died far too young in 2017. I missed Craig’s unfailingly helpful and courteous presence when I last visited the archives. Craig was the author of two books and had an encyclopedic knowledge of the local history of his city. I must also thank Jeffrey Franks of Bierce Library at The University of Akron for his help in suggesting readings when I was first gathering material on rubber and the labor movement in the city. Jeff also kindly provided me with details of the life of his grandfather, K. H. Andonian, who came to Akron as an Armenian refugee before World War I and worked for many years at the Goodyear plant.

You can find the story about Jeff Franks’ grandfather and his early days in Akron on p. 133. 

Impressive!  A very well-deserved acknowledgement and nice representation for the UA!