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Feature Article:

“Shines the Name, Rodger Young”
By: Carl Becker and Robert Thobaben

Book Reviews:

Ginnette Aley
Tina Stewart Brakebill: “Circumstances Are Destiny”: An Antebellum Woman’s Struggle to Define Sphere

Sevin Gallo
Kathleen L. Endres: Akron’s Better Half: Women’s Clubs and the Humanization of the City, 1825-1925

David J. Goldberg
Frank Vlchek, edited and translated by Winston Chrislock: The Story of My Life

Ronald Lora
Richard G. Zimmerman: Call Me Mike: A Political Biography of Michael V. DiSalle

Stephen H. Paschen
Joseph T. Hannibal: Guide to the Building Stones and Cultural Geology of Akron


The late Carl Becker was emeritus Professor of History at Wright State University. He had a distinguished career that spanned three decades and was instrumental in shaping that university’s history department. Robert Thobaben is professor emeritus of political science also at Wright State. Although strangers until they met at the university, both men had served in the major military campaigns of the Pacific Theatre during WWII. In 1992, they co-authored their memoirs of that experience, Common Warfare. Professor Becker recently passed away and he will be sorely missed. It was one of his last wishes to see Rodger Young remembered in the printing of this article.

Ginette Aley is an assistant professor of History at the University of Southern Indiana where she specializes in the early national through Civil War eras.  She has published numerous book chapters and articles, including “A Republic of Farm People”: Women, Families, and Market-Minded Agrarianism in Ohio, 1820s-1830s,” in Ohio History.  She also has several book projects under contract with Kent State University Press, including “Preserving Unions: Midwestern Women, the Civil War, and the Un-Organized Home Front.”

Sevin Gallo is a Ph.D. Candidate in history at the University of Akron, specializing in gender, honor, and identity in modern Turkey and Brazil.  She currently teaches World Civilization: Middle East and Humanities courses at the University of Akron. She also teaches World History and Women’s History at Lakeland Community College.

David J. Goldberg is Professor of History at Cleveland State University.  He is the author of Discontented America:  A History of the United States in the 1920s.  He is working on a book tentatively entitled, “Boston, Baseball and American Life in the 1950s.”

Ronald Lora is emeritus Professor of History at The University of Toledo, where he continues to teach part time. He is the author of Conservative Minds in America, editor of America in the 1960’s: Cultural Authorities in Transition, and The American West, and coeditor of The Conservative Press in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century America and of The Conservative Press in Twentieth-Century America. Lora has received outstanding teaching awards from The University of Toledo and The Ohio Academy of History, and is a past president of the OAH.

Stephen H. Paschen is University Archivist and assistant professor in Libraries & Media Services, Special Collections and Archives at Kent State University. Mr. Paschen was previously senior archives associate for nine years at The University of Akron, and was curator and executive director of the Summit County Historical Society for eleven years. He has published several books — including local, corporate, and institutional histories – as well as developing numerous educational programs and exhibits. His teaching career has included courses in Ohio History, Museums and Archives, and Historical Methods.