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After conquering some technical difficulties, we are happy to be back online with a new issue featuring Clarence Wunderlin’s study of Robert A. Taft’s Firestone Memorial Oration during the 1938 Ohio Senate campaign. Its examination of the speech and its context not only sheds light on the Republican Party’s difficulties in courting the African-American vote at the time, but also has some relevance to their similar struggles in the present.

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Feature Article:

Text and Context in Ohio’s 1938 Senate Campaign: Race, Republican Party Ideology, and Robert A. Taft’s Firestone Memorial Oration
By: Clarence E. Wunderlin, Jr.

Book Reviews:

Kelly D. Selby
Susan G. Hall: Appalachian Ohio and the Civil War, 1862-1863


Dr. Clarence Wunderlin is a Professor of History at Kent State University who specializes in the history of political thought and U.S. political economy. He is the editor of the Robert A. Taft papers.

Dr. Kelly Selby is an Assistant Professor of History at Walsh University who specializes in U.S. Civil War and women’s history.