Greystone Hall

By Bud Bakos

Greystone Hall, constructed in 1917 in the Greek Neo-Classical Revival style, popular in the Akron area, is currently a multi-functional, six floor banquet and ballroom hall. The Theater actively serves the Actors’ Summit Professional Theater group. The hall was originally constructed as a Masonic Temple, moving the Mason’s from the old location at the corner of Howard and Mill (pictured). Akron has a rich history of fraternal organizations and social groups including but not limited to, the Freemasons, as Akron was a center for the masonry profession, Cornerstone International Masons, Lady Adah International Mason, Al Kaf and El Hasa Ancient Arabic Order, Frontiers International Club, Fraternal Order of Eagles, and YM and YWCA’s. The Mason’s vacated the building in the 1990s as the Greystone Hall website sites the building as “for their (Mason’s) business and social gatherings.” Akron’s Masonic Lodge was one of many in the region.