Tiered Mentoring – Creative Arts

Between classes and creative work, it can sometimes be difficult to juggle the priorities for freshmen in the creative arts, and what students should focus on may not become apparent until much later in their careers. The tiered mentoring program will partner Freshmen with seniors to help them develop their portfolios through grantsmanship, exhibitions and community events.

There has been research into art education that indicates that when students communicate through art making, especially students of different levels, the art becomes a collective vehicle for expressing their journey of learning. Peer-mentors play an important role in these activities, as students learn from their peers that other people have varying approaches and ideas that help them make sense of the world through different expression. The result is academic development for both the mentor and mentee.

The tiered mentoring program is designed for students to be both mentees and eventually mentors. Each student is encouraged to participate during their freshman year, where they will work with a senior in learning how to:

  • Display their work for scholarships
  • How to develop their portfolio
  • Attend art workshops and/or events in the community
  • Help in the development of grant proposals

In their senior year, the student can then become the mentor for new freshmen, with a small stipend available for their creative project. The senior will then work one-on-one with the freshman, helping that student become more confident and independent as they evolve into their own method of expression within art.

How to Participate in the Tiered Mentoring Program

To participate, write a description (up to 500 words) of why the tiered mentoring program is of interest to you, particularly how it will and how it will help you to achieve your creative, academic and career goals. This is likely to be a very popular program, so please make sure to take time to write a worth application. Complete the application form HERE, which requires some basic information about yourself (e.g., demographic information, GPA, awards/scholarships, work experience, etc.), and upload a one page resume.

The mentoring experience begins as soon as you are paired with a mentor, but a minimum of one semester of commitment to the tiered-mentoring program is expected.

The Tiered Mentoring program is made possible by the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences and the Williams Honors College.

The deadline for applications is October 20, 2022. Decisions will be made by November 1  on lab placement and you should expect to hear where you have been accepted into the tiered mentoring program shortly after. You will then need to contact your mentor to arrange your first meeting.

If you have any questions about Tiered Mentoring, please contact Dr. Hazel Barton, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences (bartonh@uakron.edu).