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Ph.D. Students

  • Ying Wang 
  • Md. Hasan Rahman 
  • Tarig Hyder (co-supervised with Dr. Hamid Bahrami)
  • Bach Tran (co-supervised with Prof. Shivakumar Sastry)

Master Students

  • Sejuti Banik

Former Graduate Students

  • Ying Wang (M.Sc., May 2020)
  • Mohammad Ranjbar (Ph.D., July 2019, with outstanding ECE Thesis Award)
  • Minh Vu (M.Sc., July 2018)
  • Suresh Madishetty  (M.Sc., May 2018, co-supervised with Dr. Arjuna Madanayake)
  • Hasitha Bothenna (M.Sc., January 2018)
  • Geethika Dissanayakage Wijeratne (M.Sc., June 2017)
  • Mohamed Elamin (M.Sc., June 2017, co-supervised with Prof. Shivakumar Sastry)
  • Sravan Kumar Pulipati (M.Sc., May 2017, co-supervised with Dr. Arjuna Madanayake)
  • Duc-Anh Le (Ph.D, August 2016)
  • Lubna Elsaid (M.Sc., June 2016)
  • Cuong Dang (M.Sc., December 2015, with outstanding ECE Thesis Award)
  • Rajika Kumarasiri (M.Sc., November 2014 (University of Toledo), co-supervised with Prof. Vijay Devabhktuni)
  • Leonardo Jimenez Rodriguez (Ph.D., August 2014 (McGill University), co-supervised with Prof. Tho Le-Ngoc)
  • Hung Vu (M.Sc., June 2014, with Research Assistant of the Year Award)
  • Tamseel Mahmood Syed (M.Sc., January 2014)
  • Tuyen Tran (M.Sc., August 2013, with the prestigious Dean’s Summer Fellowship)

Former Undergraduate Students (Undergraduate Research)

  • Nathaniel Raymondi
  • Michael Seredich

Prospective Graduate Students
I am currently looking for some Ph.D. students. Basic requirements include: (1) meet admission requirements for ECE, University of Akron; (2) strong backgrounds in mathematics and programming skills; (3) interest and motivations in doing high impact research in Communications. Applicants with their own funding are welcome. If you are interested, please send me your CV (in pdf).