Witch Doctrine

Annah Browning

Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 90

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Annah Browning’s poetry collection Witch Doctrine is a gothic instruction manual for how to exist in a heartbreaking world. Through a series of spell poems and a cast of haunting personas—including a sentient house, a mentoring witch, and a housekeeping ghost—Browning leads the reader in dark and slyly humorous mediations on mortality, loss, feminist power, and survival: “you’ll take / another branch for the fire / and you will make it.”

Reviews & Interviews

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This Week I Read Blog- https://thisweekiread.home.blog/2020/03/19/this-week-i-read-annah-browning-witch-doctrine/

About the Author

Annah Browning is the author of a chapbook, The Marriage (Horse Less Press, 2013) and poetry editor and cofounder of Grimoire Magazine. Her poetry has appeared in Indiana Review, Black Warrior Review, Willow Springs, Boulevard, and elsewhere. She earned her MFA from Washington University in St. Louis and her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Originally from the foothills of South Carolina, she now calls Chicago home.

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lyric poetry, persona poetry, dramatic monologue, witches, witchcraft, ghosts, spirit mediums, spells, Southern, occult, paranormal, Southern gothic, feminist, horror, uncanny, dark

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