• Open to the community, schools, and businesses

  • Join the community of makers with a large selection of digital fabrication equipment

  • Group visits and projects are welcome!

  • Free, offsite demonstrations for groups in the Wayne County area

The Wayne College 3D Lab is a group of people, tools, services, and educational opportunities that encourage a community of discovering and making things.  3D design and digital fabrication via 3D printing and scanning technology is the focus of the makerspace.

Since first receiving digital fabrication equipment (3D printer technology), the makerspace has exploded with excitement and creativity.  Students design their own objects for class, personal projects, and fixing/improving things at Wayne College.  Instructors request objects to enhance class delivery and departmental use.  Businesses receive word that Wayne College has fabrication equipment available and request services.  There is a continual bustle of students around this technology.

3D printer technology has spring boarded engineering classes, enabling students to learn computer aided design for coursework and personal projects.  A variety of objects are created to repair equipment, improve activities for ADA students & staff, and printed as prototype objects for local businesses.

Wayne College has expanded this program well beyond its introduction.  From an educational standpoint, we excite students through interdisciplinary collaboration within the college, collaborations with local schools, community organizations, and businesses.  From a business standpoint, we offer design services to local businesses.  It is important to coordinate our efforts with similar makerspace areas in the surrounding regions, encouraging community awareness through ties with local organizations.

Employees at Schantz Organ Company believe sound craftsmanship is more than just a company goal. It is a passion and a desire to create what few people can even imagine, in an environment that has encouraged this approach for over 145 years.

Schantz MakerSpace, Inc. was created for people who share this belief, wish to learn or improve their skills, and want to see the knowledge of craftsmanship survive into the future. Our community is filled with enthusiastic makers who want to bring their creative ideas to life, but lack the necessary tools or experience. We strive to provide educational opportunities and experiences for people who like to build, invent, tinker, and/or learn new skills.

Visit our website at http://www.schantzmakerspace.com

We provide a variety of woodworking equipment, tools, and training. It is our intention to create a makerspace for the community to use along with providing a variety of programs on projects that can be made. We have a nice sized space designated for those purposes. We intend that the space will be especially inviting for parent/child and/or grandparent/child.

Visit our website at https://applecreekhistoricalsociety.com/maker-space

One of the ways in which Romich Foundation supports the local community is through the Romich Foundation Makerspace. A makerspace is basically a shop with a variety of tools that range from hand tools to high tech instruments and machines. Operation of the makerspace is consistent with the Romich Foundation values of STEAM education and promotion of entrepreneurship in the area.

The Romich Foundation Makerspace is open to the local community at no charge. Most activity is oriented toward schools and various non-profit organizations in the area, with projects being signs, placards, awards, nametags, fabrication of items for fundraiser activity, keyrings, tokens, etc. When the organization contact is unable to fabricate the desired items directly, Romich Foundation can hire local school students to do so.

Visit our website at https://romichfoundation.org/Makerspace

Wayne County 2022 is a wrap! Thanks for being part of the action. Stay tuned when we announce the next offering!  Click here to explore our Maker Exhibits from past Maker Faires!







Maker Faire Wayne County – Barry Romich     Maker Faire Wayne County slideshow

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We offer a free “listserv” that allows to you ask questions to people in the Wayne College Makerspace and Schantz Makerspace groups. If you would like to join the listserv, send an email to listserv@lists.uakron.edu with “SUBSCRIBE MAKERSPACE-GROUP” in the subject line.

Once you have joined the list, send an email to makerspace-group@lists.uakron.edu whenever you want to send messages to group.