Apply now for Wayne County Mini Maker Faire 2019!

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce the 2019 Wayne County Mini Maker Faire!  The Daily Record said it best: “Dubbed the ‘Greatest Show and Tell on Earth’: Mini Maker Faire Attracts The Curious”.  During the recent faire this past May, 1,300 people flocked to University of Akron Wayne College where they were able to step back in time and travel to the future.  Mark your calendar now for May 18, 2019 for this unforgettable event.

Maker Faire showcases the amazing work of all kinds and ages of makers—anyone who is embracing the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience.  It is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker Movement.  It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.  Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. They are of all ages and backgrounds. The aim of Maker Faire is to entertain, inform, connect and grow this community. 


The Call For Makers is now open for the 3rd annual Wayne County Mini Maker Faire!  Participation is free; You can apply with our online application here.  You can also apply via postal mail and telephone.  Number 3 is going to be bigger than ever for us as makers return to the Wayne College to fill the Student Life Building and landscape with incredible innovation and creativity. Remember, space is limited so you have to apply as soon as possible to ensure that you get your spot at the greatest show (& tell) on earth!

There are several main types of applicants for Maker Faire. You can apply for a Maker Exhibit, Presentation, or Demonstration. Each has their own criteria for acceptance which you can read about more while filling out the forms.  Be sure to have a nice picture (that you have the rights to share) as well as a bio ready to give us. This information will be on display on our site and at the event.

Remember, this is Maker Faire, so “hands-on” exhibits are given priority. We want kids and adults alike to be able to touch and feel things, make things, and learn!  Here are just a few of the topics we’d like to see applying:

Student projects


Homegrown Drones

Arduino projects

Raspberry Pi

Virtual Reality

Space projects

Food makers (not concessionaires)

Conductive materials projects

Kit makers

Interactive art projects

3D Printers and CNC Mills

Textile Arts and Crafts


Home Energy Monitoring

Rockets and RC Toys

Sustainability & Green Tech

Radios, Vintage Computers and Game Systems


Electric Vehicles

Science, Biology/Biotech, and Chemistry projects

Puppets, Kites, and Other Whimsical Creations


Large-scale Art

Shelter (Tents, Domes, etc.)

Music Performances and Participation

Unusual Tools or Machines

How to Fix Things or Take them Apart (Vacuums, Clocks, Washing Machines, etc.)

Of course, there are also other ways to participate in Maker Faire, especially as a Volunteer or Sponsor. To learn more about supporting the Maker Faire, please click here or reply to this email.


The Wayne County Mini Maker Faire is always a blast. The events in Wayne County are impressive on their own, but mix in Maker Faire and you have a sight that needs to be seen. Mixing rocket ships and makers can never go wrong.  Want to get a taste for what Maker Faire was like last year?  Check out these photos from last year’s event where we were uploading fresh images all weekend long.

We are proud to showcase Ohio makers who participated in the Wayne County Mini Maker Faire this year.  One such maker is David Walker.  He is a 23 year old music producer and D.J.  Over four years ago, David started his own entertainment company called DRAW Entertainment and now he makes a living off of traveling the world, D.J.’ing, and creating/producing music.

At the Maker Faire earlier this year, David brought a wide variety of audio equipment to show people how to manipulate sounds with today’s technology and create music from anything!  He also demonstrated and taught how to manipulate music, create remixes, and mix music (D.J.)


Rounding out our makers who participated is Replay for Kids.  They teach volunteers to adapt toys for kids with disabilities.  Volunteers learn how to solder a wire in parallel with the original switch so that a child can activate the toy teaching them “cause and effect”.


RePlay for Kids has been training volunteers to adapt toys since 1999.  Their mission is to increase the availability of adapted toys and assistive devices for children with disabilities.  They repair, adapt and distribute toys and assistive devices free of charge.  In doing so, they strive to raise awareness and increase the number and variety of toys and devices available to the children who need them.  Last year, RePlay for Kids gave away over 1,500 toys to children and agencies.

Until next week,