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It’s hard to believe that Maker Faire Wayne County took place last month.  The excitement of 800 attendees and the craziness of preparing for such a large event is now a fading (and fond) memory.  The impact and personal connections made with everyone involved will last a long time!  Maker Faire is all about raising awareness of the makers in our community, what they do, and interest others in getting involved in something new.


Speaking of making, have you heard of Maker Camp starting July 5th?  Anyone can register, access hundreds of projects to use with young makers all year round, and it is FREE!  Maker Camp is online anddesigned as an exploration of all things do-it-yourself for young makers, is chock full of projects, adventures, inspiration, and community.  Click here for more information!


Here in the 3D Lab, community members and students continue to stop-by over the summer to work on projects, escaping the heat and working in the comfort of excellent air conditioning and cool equipment.

One of our community members had a need to teach African children by associating people with names.  Using our laser cutter, she made a game based on object recognition.  The game board has 25 slots with name badges in front of each one.  Children are given 25 tiles with photos and play by inserting the correct tile next to each name.  The laser engraver cut-out the game board and tiles from painted MDF wood, then photos were glued to each tile.  The game turned out beautifully!


Community member John Marino continues to amaze us with his laser cutting projects.  He creates tool storage boxes with “shadow boards.”  This board is laser-cut from polystyrene foam for organizing a set of tools; the board defines where particular tools should be placed when they are not in use.

Because the toolbox is deep, the laser cutter cannot cut thick pieces of foam to match.  John’s design uses multiple layers of foam cut similarly, then the layers are glued together.  This technique also allows each layer to have different heights within each pocket, allowing for snug fits of non-square items.  It’s amazing work!


Earlier this month, the 3D Lab made a road trip to the Killbuck Cub Scout Day Camp held at Freedlander Park in Wooster.  This program is for Scouts who want to experience all the fun of camp yet sleep in their own bed at night.  Activities included shooting BB guns and bows & arrows, playing games, and exploring nature!  To aid with STEAM learning, 3D printing was demonstrated to well over 50 scouts while we explored careers that use them.  The kids were excited to see a dog get 3D printed at the camp and some had 3D printers of their own at home!


The 3D Lab makes free offsite visits to your location for 3D printer demonstration, education, and how they can jump-start careers for of all ages.  If your group would like to reserve a demonstration, please reply to this email.

Stay tuned later this month as we introduce interesting folks who participated in the Maker Faire last May!

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Wayne County 2022 is a wrap!  Thanks for being part of the action.  Stay tuned when we announce the next offering!


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