Hello everyone,

The start of Fall semester is almost here!  If you haven’t signed up for classes yet, be sure to do so before the first day of class on August 22nd.  Here at the 3D Lab, we’re excited to see another generation of students explore the 3D Lab, especially budding engineers.  This time, students taking Tools for Mechanical Engineering learn about computer-aided drafting, 3D CAD, mechanical graphics, and an introduction to mechanical engineering.  The upshot?  Students get to build robots to perform a variety of tasks.  We can’t wait to see how students improve their bots with 3D printing and other tools in the lab.


Looking for a project to build to celebrate the end-of-summer?  Look no further than Make: Magazine, the coolest mag for anyone bitten with the Maker bug.   With it, you can:

  • Improve your skills with insider tips directly from innovative makers
  • Get inspired by dozens of projects for all ages in every issue, covering DIY Electronics, 3D Printing, Craft, Cosplay, Food Hacks, and more
  • Reviews and recommendations for tools, gadgets, and gear

Sign-up for your issue subscription here


The 3D Lab welcomes visits by the community!  Bring yourselves, your family, your clubs and organizations, etc. for free tours of the facility.  We can also teach your group how to use the 3D printers, laser engraver, and other equipment in the lab at no cost.  Home schooled students and their parents especially enjoy lab tours as we teach them how to design basic shapes in CAD then print them on the 3D printer.  It’s a great way to inspire budding engineers!  Please contact us below to reserve a timeslot.


Speaking of learning the equipment, P. Graham Dunn is long-time supporter of the 3D Lab and how it inspires students and community members to be creative.  They donate laser engravable product to the lab on a regular basis.  Lab patrons are shown how to use the laser engraver, vinyl cutter, heat press, etc. to personalize and beautify these products, then take them home!  It’s a great way to make a gift for a friend, loved one, etc.  But more importantly, they learn a new skill and ways to express themselves creatively with digital tools.  Come visit the lab to make something from a wide variety of products, most of them beach themed!


Engineering students at Wayne College also take Dynamics, a class that teaches kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies.  Students learn about principles of work, energy, momentum and impulse.  The upshot is, student get to build model rockets!  A lot of planning, predictive behavior, and math goes into the design, way before the rockets are launched.  Students are also tasked to build a wind tunnel for their rockets to test aerodynamics and other properties before flying.  3D printing certainly helps with that!


Stay tuned later this month as we introduce interesting folks who participated in the Maker Faire last May!


3D printed homes are a thing!  See 25 BIG projects below.

Check-out this buying for the popular Ender 3 3D printer


Build a 3D printed jet boat to celebrate the end of summer!



Wayne County 2022 is a wrap!  Thanks for being part of the action.  Stay tuned when we announce the next offering!


The next Maker Monday meeting is September 19th. held at the Romich Makerspace in Creston.  Please check www.schantzmakerspace.com for more information.


We offer a free “listserv” that allows to you ask questions to members in the makerspace. It’s great for sharing ideas, forming friendships, and helping & advising each other. To join, send an email to listserv@lists.uakron.edu with

“SUBSCRIBE MAKERSPACE-GROUP” in the subject line.