Kathryn Vegso

Kathryn Vegso, past president and co-founder of the Women’s Network, made a name for herself as a leader in adult education. Vegso developed the adult women’s program “Lifespan Planning: The Choice is Yours,” and also founded the Adult Resource Center at The University of Akron.

She has also volunteered with such organizations as the Akron Roundtable, Ecumenical Campus Ministry, Goals for Greater Akron, Great Trail Boy Scout Council and the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), in addition to serving in many capacities as an instructor at The University of Akron. She was named the 1983 Woman of the Year by the Women’s History Project of the Akron Area for her work in and contributions to education.and received the International Women’s Year Award from the Akron League of Women Voters.

Vegso did her undergraduate study in the University of Illinois School of Human Resources and Family Studies. She later received her Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling at The University of Akron and took additional training in Gerontology at University of Michigan and in Administration at Michigan State University.


–Amber Djuvic