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The Ziyaret Tepe Autumn Challenge

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After such a successful 2012 field season, our thoughts are already on the future and our final digging season in 2013. During the months of October and November, we have a special fundraising event through an organization call the Big Give in which all your donations are doubled in value!

Our objectives for the 2013 excavation season include:

new investigations on the palace mound

probing a major building complex inside the city wall

excavation of an area of commoner housing

exploration of the lower levels of the administrative archive room

continued electrical resistivity survey

This is your opportunity to help support this work. Furthermore, thanks to a generous commitment from the UK, any donation made in October and November will be matched: give now and the value of your donation will be doubled! The work at Ziyaret Tepe is uncovering unique information on the ancient Assyrian empire which can be recovered in no other way. And this is the last chance! Please click HERE if you would like to help us in exploring this unique heritage.

By matney

Dr. Matney is Professor of Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology and Classical Studies at the University of Akron. He is the Director of the Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Expedition.

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