An Arduino is like a little computer chip that controls things like electric sensors, lights and motors. It is the ultimate tinkering tool for a maker. Our design committee has used the Arduino to build Desktop CNC Routers, a Robotic arm, and are in the process of using it to build a 3-D printer. There are many possibilities with the Arduino, but most people aren’t trained in its programming capabilities to make full use out of it.

Schantz MakerSpace volunteer Greg Barbu has been our leader in Arduino education. We provided Arduino kits and gave ‘Beginner’ level students an Introduction to Arduino course. This class explored the make-up of the Arduino and some of its basic capabilities. This sparked some imagination in our makers and they asked to be led further down the rabbit hole with a more advanced Arduino 2.0 class that focused on specific programming.

We plan to continue these classes and explore more ways we can utilize the Arduino in our build classes.

Robotic Arm

Desktop CNC Router