Ohio Republican Party Field Organizer David Warren discusses field organizing in anticipation of the 2016 Presidential Election

On November 17, Campaign Battleground welcomed Ohio Republican Party Field Organizer David Warren to our class.

Mr. Warren discussed his unconventional entry into politics, having previously embarked on a career in financial planning and banking. Mr. Warren began as a volunteer for a State Legislative Race in Maryland, where he is originally from. From there Mr. Warren helped his friend, elected to the legislature, pass three different bills in the Statehouse. Mr. Warren then worked on a congressional election in Maryland, before taking up politics full-time and becoming a field organizer for the RNC in the Youngstown Area during the 2012 Cycle. Mr. Warren had considerable success there, garnering coverage on several national media outlets. Following that election, Mr. Warren returned to Maryland, working towards a winning effort in the Governor’s election in 2014.

Mr. Warren has returned to Northeast Ohio in anticipation of the 2016 Presidential Election. He discussed methods of organizing, finding roles for volunteers that best fit their talents, and how his role has changed over the course of several campaign cycles. Mr. Warren also highlighted similarities and differences between campaigning in Ohio and his home state of Maryland.

Watch the full conversation below or by visiting the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics YouTube channel.

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