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Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper discusses his history, the 2016 elections and the future of the Democratic Party

“Becoming the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party is not something the day of the election in 2014 I would have even thought of. We were starting from scratch as a party after 2014,” Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper … Continue reading

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James Hardy, Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Akron, discusses his personal background, challenges facing the city and his experience as a student

“For me, my political involvement, it starts coming here to the University of Akron. I took this class 12 years ago. I got a tremendous amount out of the Campaign Battleground class. Having that hands-on experience really helped me figure … Continue reading

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Has American politics always been uncivil? Bliss Institute students discuss if civility is possible

At the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, students and faculty often discuss the need for civility in politics, especially given the current election climate. Graduate student Emily Maher and undergraduate student Connor Shaw recently had a conversation with … Continue reading

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Finding the common ground: Bliss Institute students discuss how the 24/7 news cycle and social media have polarized the electorate

This presidential election season has placed an emphasis on the increasing importance of how much media and social media influence and polarize the electorate. Students at the Bliss Institute often discuss the growing sense of incivility in American politics.  Graduate … Continue reading

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State Representative Mike Curtin discusses marijuana legalization legislation, the 2016 presidential race and Citizens United

“It’s been said your number one priority is family, and your number three priority is politics, so why don’t you tell them what your number two priority is?” Jerry Austin asked State Representative Mike Curtin (D) of Ohio’s 17th District … Continue reading

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Ethics and Public Policy Senior Fellow Henry Olsen to discuss Election Returns and Polling on Feb. 2

Henry Olsen will speak to Campaign Battleground on February 2, 2016. Mr. Olsen is a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center as well an elections analyst and political essayist, studying conservative politics in America and abroad. His … Continue reading

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Spring 2016 Class Welcome

Battlegrounders, Welcome back for another exciting semester of National Battleground with Dr. John Green and Campaign Consultant Jerry Austin. With such an unprecedented race for the Presidency unfolding, we are thrilled to have you following the campaigns along with us … Continue reading

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Clerk of Council Bob Keith discusses Akron City Council, his life in public service, and the future of Akron’s legislative body

On Tuesday, December 1, Clerk of Akron City Council Bob Keith joined Battleground for a discussion on local government and public service. Mr. Keith began his career in the private sector, running a local restaurant and then a tailoring business. … Continue reading

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Dave Yost, Auditor of the State of Ohio, – discusses functions of the Auditor’s Office, campaigning for public office – and his unique campaign commercials

On Tuesday, November 24, Dave Yost, Auditor of the State of Ohio, joined Battleground for a candid and enlightening discussion. Auditor Yost began his career as a journalist, writing for the Columbus Citizen-Journal. Answering the call to serve his community … Continue reading

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National Battleground class travels to New Hampshire

  National Battleground—a combined section, selected topic course in political science, taught by Dr. John Green and Gerald Austin—examines contemporary campaigning and electioneering going on across the United States. The class overall is a hands on, first look approach to … Continue reading

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