Dave Yost, Auditor of the State of Ohio, – discusses functions of the Auditor’s Office, campaigning for public office – and his unique campaign commercials

On Tuesday, November 24, Dave Yost, Auditor of the State of Ohio, joined Battleground for a candid and enlightening discussion.

Auditor Yost began his career as a journalist, writing for the Columbus Citizen-Journal. Answering the call to serve his community and state, Mr. Yost entered public service through the administrations of Columbus Mayor Buck Rinehart and Governor George Voinovich.

After earning his Juris Doctor from Capital University Law School, Mr. Yost spent several years in private practice. He later returned to public service and was elected Delaware County auditor in 1999, prosecutor in 2003, and Auditor of the State of Ohio in 2011.

Mr. Yost shared the background of his “Yo Yost!” campaign commercials, revealing his wife originated the idea. The discussion then turned to functions of the Auditor’s office, an often overlooked yet critically important office tasked with ensuring fiscal responsibility among municipal governments, functions of state government and institutions receiving state support. Auditor Yost also answered questions about the difference among the various regions of Ohio, which he described as one of the state’s great strengths.

Watch the full conversation below or by visiting the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics YouTube channel.

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