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Spring 2016 Class Welcome


Welcome back for another exciting semester of National Battleground with Dr. John Green and Campaign Consultant Jerry Austin. With such an unprecedented race for the Presidency unfolding, we are thrilled to have you following the campaigns along with us in real-time. Will the unorthodox Donald Trump assume the Republican Party’s nomination in Cleveland? Can Secretary Clinton fend off the insurgent Senator Bernie Sanders? Perhaps we will know the answers to these questions at the cessation of class, perhaps not!

We are looking forward to sharing our discussions with you. In National Battleground, we hope to bring in speakers in and around to political and policy processes for in-depth interviews with the class. We strive to delve deeper than the traditional stump speech, asking our participants about the background, motivation and, occasionally, some “inside baseball.” Our line-up could include journalists, pollsters, elected officials and party leaders from the local, state and national levels.

We also hope to share our Week In Review presentations. It is a tradition of National Battleground to have one or two students recap the previous week’s news and events, with special emphasis on the campaigns. Doing so allows our class to stay well versed in the happenings of the world and lets our students dig a little deeper into the headlines. We’re sure you’ll enjoy their work.

Looking forward to having you along for the ride, and be sure to buckle-up as this particular nomination process could be a bumpy one!

-Alex Pavloff

National Battleground TA

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