Research Team

Dr. Jennifer Tehan Stanley, Lab Director

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Stanley earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, with a focus in Cognitive Aging, from Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, Georgia. After postdoctoral work at Brandeis University and the Behavioral Research Program of the National Cancer Institute, NIH, Dr. Stanley joined the faculty of the Psychology Department at UA, where she directs the Emotions and Aging Lab. Dr. Stanley mentors both undergraduate and doctoral students as they conduct research in the Emotions and Aging Lab.


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Note: The Adult Development and Aging doctoral program is in the process of reactivation at University of Akron. We anticipate that we will be accepting graduate students for Fall 2021. Find out more about the program:

Jennifer Turner, 5th year

Doctoral Candidate

 Jenni’s main area of focus is examining age-related differences in the mind and body connection through embodiment as a technique to reduce ageism, which was the topic of her Master’s thesis. Current work also includes investigating individual and aging related changes in emotional problem-solving, decision making, and humor. Jenni has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in the School of Nursing at Pennsylvania State University for Fall 2020.


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Cassandra Richards-Hoffman, 4th year

Cassandra completed her M.A. in Adult Development and Aging in 2018. She is currently interested in examining age-related differences in social emotion regulation in relationships. She would further like to examine how social exclusion may influence age-related differences in social emotion regulation.


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Anthony Villalba, 3rd year

Anthony’s research interests include emotional processing, specifically  emotion perception. Future research projects may include context-dependent emotion perception paradigms and emotion regulation studies.  


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Dr. Britney Webster


Britney Webster completed her Ph.D. in Adult Development and Aging in Summer 2019. Her dissertation examined age differences in dyadic emotion regulation in romantic couples. She is interested in understanding how adults make judgments (emotion perception, deceit detection, emotion regulation strategies, etc.) within dyadic social interactions. She is currently a project director for research on grandparent-grandchild interactions at Kent State University.



Undergraduate Lab Members

Current:  Nate Bourne, Andrea Bugariu, Kenzie Delposen, Laurel Harstine, Phil Hunt, Jullien Ivery, Jessica Kerin, Jacob McClellan, Anthony Micale, Stacia Miller, Maggie Owino, Sahil Rajan

Alumni: Jasim Abbasi, Lauren Agra, Sarah Ahmed, Kyrsten Alleman, Maggie Allphin, Dominic Amantea, Brittany Arnold, Kelsey Ball, Kylee Behringer, Kaela Betta, Kayla Brown, Michael Brandon, William Carney, Ryan Cash, Kiara Chatman, J. Collins, Matthew Cook, Alex DeChurch, Katelyn DeCosta, Tessa Delino, Valerie Gentner, Frank Glicker, Kendall Harkness, Kevin Karas, Shadia Kawkabani, Joe Klein, Lauren Knight, Clara Lamb, Paul Lizhnyak, Caterina  Lyuksyutova, Rachel Martin, Shatha Matar, Jessica McFarland, Laina Montagna, Christopher Mugnaini, Srjdana Ninkovic, Ivy Novosel, Amanda Paternite, Christopher Petsko, McKayla Phillips, Skyler Pierce, Steven Porter, Tori Potemski, Shana Pryor, Austin Robertson, Hamilton Robinson, Ann Rossmiller, Rachel Snodgrass, Nicole Spokovich, Shannon Stack, Anthony Sullivan, Michael Thutt, & Jennifer Turner.

Honors Theses

Maggie Allphin 2019-2020

Will Carney 2018-2019

Amanda McLaughlin 2014-2015

Amy Thielke 2014-2015