Research Assistants

Interested in Being a Student Research Assistant?

experimenterWe are always looking for bright and motivated students to be involved in the lab. You will gain experience in all of the phases of the research process from designing psychological studies to collecting data and analyzing data and assisting with data presentation. This experience may be helpful for graduate school or your future job.

The American Association of Colleges and Universities identifies undergraduate research as a high impact practice; students learn valuable skills by becoming involved in research:

  • teamwork
  • information literacy
  • oral and written communication
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • inquiry and analysis

Regardless of whether you join the lab in exchange for credit or on a volunteer basis, research assistants are required to work in the lab at least 4 hours per week between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. One of the hours each week is the mandatory lab meeting, a time when all research assistants must be available to meet. Because it takes quite a bit of time to train research assistants, we requires a commitment of two semesters. Finally, research assistants prepare a final presentation at the end of each semester detailing their experience.

If you are interested, please email Dr. Stanley ( with your resume and your interest in the lab. You can be involved either for Independent Reading and Research credit or as a volunteer.