Computational mechanics

(1) Single-domain BEM for fracture mechanics (See Pan, E. (1997): A general boundary element analysis of 2-D linear elastic fracture mechanics. International Journal of Fracture, 88: 41-59.)



(2) 3D crack problems (See Pan, E. and Yuan, F. G. (2000): Boundary element analysis of three-dimensional cracks in anisotropic solids. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 48: 211-237.)


Normalized mode I stress intensity factor (SIF) along the front of a square-shaped horizontal crack in an infinite plate.
The crack is under the action of a uniform pressure along its surface, and has a size of 2aX2a.


Variation of the SIF KI/(s) along the square-shaped crack front of a transversely Relative opening displacement of a square crack in an infinite space isotropic solid in an infinite space under a far-field stress normal to the crack surface..under a far-field stress normal to the crack surface.