Publications 2011 – 2008

Year 2011

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193.    Wang, X. and Pan, E. (2011): Interaction between an edge dislocation and a circular inclusion with interface slip and diffusion. Acta Materialia 59: 797-804. | icon_pdf (517K)


Year 2010

192.    Wang, X. and Pan, E. (2010): Screw dislocations in piezoelectric nanowires. Mech. Res. Comm. 37: 707-711. | icon_pdf (480K)
191.    Wang, X. and Pan, E. (2010): A circular inhomogeneity with interface slip and diffusion under in-plane deformation. International Journal of Engineering Science. 48: 1733-1748. | icon_pdf (638K)
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187.    Shang, X. C., Qin, L. P., and Pan, E. (2010): Periodic vibration of a magnetostrictive actuator – A numerical solution based on the transfer matrix method with broken-line reduction. Journal of Mechanics and MEMS 2: 301-309 (Special issue in honoring Prof. K. Y. Yeh).
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178.    Wang, X. and Pan, E. (2010): Thermal Green’s functions in plane anisotropic multiferroic bimaterials with viscous interface. Acta Mech. 209: 59-65. | icon_pdf (155K)


Year 2009

177.    Pan, E. and Wang, R. (2009): Effects of geometric size and mechanical boundary conditions on magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic composites. J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 42: 245503. | icon_pdf (637K)
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173.    *Book Chapter. Pan, E. (2009): Green’s Functions. Chapter 2, pp. 13-45, In “Special Topics in the Theory of Piezoelectricity”. Edited by Jiashi Yang, Springer Science + Business Media, LLC, New York, USA. | icon_pdf (287K)
172.    Pan, E., Zou, Y., Chung, P. W., and Zhang, Y. (2009): Interlayer correlation of embedded quantum-dot arrays through their surface strain energy distributions. Physical Review B 80: 073302. Also published in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, Volume 20, Issue 9, August 31, 2009. One of the figures from this paper was selected to display on the front page of PRB web site ( (August 2009), a feature named as “Kaleidoscope” ( | icon_pdf (1,135K)
171.    Wang, X., Pan, E., and Chung, P. W. (2009): Some basic problems in anisotropic bimaterials with a viscoelastic interface. International Journal of Solids and Structure, 46: 3725-3733. | icon_pdf (668K)
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Year 2008

159.    Ramsey, J. J., Pan, E., and Chung, P. W. (2008): Modelling of strain fields in quantum wires with continuum methods and molecular statics. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 20: 485215. | icon_pdf (869K)
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