Graduated Students


  1. Wenqi Li, PhD, Performance of Layered Thin media in Coalescence Filtration and Modification of Prediction Model, 2020, Celanese (Shanghai).
  2. Lin Pan, PhD, Electrospinning of Spring Supported Tubular Nanofiber Media and its Application, 2019, Parker.
  3. Ashish Gadhave, PhD, Fuel-Water Coalescing Filters, 2019. Lydall.
  4. Jianyu Zhou, PhD, Applications of Dispersed Phase Flows through Porous Media, 2018, Parker Hannifin.
  5. Saeid Ghaniyari Benis, PhD, Performance Study of a Bench Scale Shale Shaker, 2017.
  6. Masoume Davoudi, PhD, Aerosol Droplet Migration in Fibrous Media, 2017.
  7. Yalong Li, PhD, Solutions of potential fields using flexible finite element methods with applications in flow through porous media and electrospinning, 2017, Parker Hannifin, TN.
  8. Ashish Bandekar, PhD, Electrowet Coalescence of Water Drops in Water-Diesel Dispersion, 2017, Filtration Technology Corporation, Akron.
  9. Xu Zhang, PhD, Fabrication, Characterization, and Application of Elastic Superhydrophobic Electrospun Fiber Mats, 2016, Mann&Hummel Purolator Filters LLC, NC.
  10. Jon Rajala, PhD, Electrospinning Fabrication of Ceramic Fibers for Transparent Conducing and Hollow Tube Membrane Applications, 2016, American Air Filtration, KY
  11. Xi Yang, PhD, Vibration Assisted Water-Diesel Separation by Glass Fiber Media and Electrospun Fiber Media, 2016, Missouri
  12. Dinesh Lolla, PhD, Fabrication, atomic scale imaging, polarization of PVDF and applications as electrets, 2016, Parker Hannifin, CA.
  13. Hyeon Ung Shin, PhD, Catalytic Property of Fiber Media Supported Palladium Containing Alloy Nanoparticles and Elecrospun Ceramic Fibers Biodurability Study, 2016, Hyundai (S. Korea)
  14. Ahmed Abutaleb, PhD, Conversion of Phenol to Cyclohexanone using Nanofiber Supported Catalysts, 2015, JazanUniversity (Saudi Arabia)
  15. Jia Fang, 2015, PhD, Study of Liquid Drop Migration on Fibers and Mats Due to Liquid Flow in a Thin Slit Geometry, 2015 , SINA (China)
  16. Gabriel Manzo, PhD, Comparison of nonwoven fiberglass and stainless steel microfiber media in aerosol coalescence filtration, 2015, Parker Hannifin.
  17. Abdul Aljuhani, PhD, A fundamental study on water droplets coalescence on elelctrwettable surfaces in air and diesel media, 2013, Post Doc Univ of Akron.
  18. Kitchaporn Nartetamrongsutt, PhD, Modificationof Electrospinning Solutions and Yarn Production for Filtration Application, 2013, Intel, Oregon.
  19. Sarfaraz Patel, PhD, Separation of Water from Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, 2013, Ingredion, Bridgewater, NJ.
  20. Goutham Viswanadam, PhD, Water-Diesel Secondary Dispersion Separation using Superhydrophobic Tubes of Nanofibers, 2013, Emerson, MI.
  21. Laila Shahreen, PhD, PdO-TiO2 Nanofiber Based Catalyst Support for Nitric Oxide Gas Reduction with Carbon Monoxide Gas, 2013, pos doc NC State Nonwovens Cooperative Research Center.
  22. Vidya Raja, Ph.D. Shale Shaker Model and Experimental Validation, 2012, Schlumberger, Tx.
  23. Gabe Manzo, MS, Drop motion on superhydrophobic fiber mats, 2011, PhD student Akron.
  24. Prashant Kulkarni, PhD, Mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic fiber media for liquid-liquid coalescence, 2011, Donaldson Company, WI.
  25. Rahul Bharadwaj, PhD, Improved performance with layer orientation incorporated pleated media on coalescence filtration, 2010.
  26. Bharath Raghavan, PhD, Nanofiber filter media for air filtration, 2010. Fibrao Technology Corp, Edinburg, TX.
  27. Sneha Swaminathan, PhD, Metal oxide nanofibers as filters, catalyst and catalyst support structures, 2010.  Hollingsworth & Vose, MA
  28. Shagufta Patel, PhD, Improving performance and drainage of coalescing filters, 2010.  Clarcor, Dallas TX.
  29. Renee Petty, MS, Catalytic Decomposition of Nitric Oxide and Carbon Monoxide Gases using Nanofiber Based Filter Media of Varying Diameters, 2010, BP, Chicago.
  30. Saravanan Andan, PhD, Modeling of Drainage in Coalescing Filters, 2010, Fiberweb, Tennesee.
  31. Jackapon Sunthorn Varabhas, PhD, Study of Methods to Create and Control Electrospun Liquid Jets, 2009. Government lab, Thailand.
  32. Adria Lotus, PhD, Synthesis of Semiconducting Ceramic Nanofibers, Development of P-N Junctions, and Bandgap Engineering by Electrospinning, 2009. Canada.
  33. Soo Jin Park, PhD, Catalytic Decomposition of Nitric Oxide and Carbon Monoxide Gases Using Nanofiber Based Filter Media, 2008. Korea
  34. Saru Dawar, PhD, Microscale Study of Drop Migration on Fibers in Coalescing Filters, 2007.  Cummins Filtration, Wisconsin.
  35. Kavitha Moorthy, MS, Effect of Surface Energy of Fibers on Coalescence Filtration, 2007.  FiberWeb, Tennessee.
  36. Sailaja Dharmanolla, MS, A Computer Program for Filter Media Design Optimization, 2007.
  37. Chris Thompson, MS, An Analysis of Variable Effects on a Theoretical Model of the Electrospin Process for Making Nanofibers, 2006, Babcock and Wilcox.
  38. Aaron Hopkins, MS, non-Thesis, 2006. Metallurg Vanadium Corp. in Cambridge, OH.
  39. Prathyusha Katta, Ph.D.: Development, Characterization and Testing of Titanium Dioxide Nanofibers Enhanced Ceramic Fibrous Filter Medium for Filtration Applications, 2006. Parker Hannifin
  40. Srinivasan, Priyavardhana, MS, Nanofiber Incorporated Glass Fiber Filter Media, 2005. Parker Hannifin.
  41. Geethakrishnan Vasudevan, Ph.D.: Modeling of Coalescing Filters, 2005, Kaydon, Corp, Lagrange, GA.
  42. Gary Gray, MS, non-thesis, 2004, Goodyear, Akron,OH.
  43. Ankur Patel, MS: Control of glass fiber orientation in non-woven media by electric field, 2004.
  44. Chan-Gyun Shin, Ph.D.: Liquid-Liquid Coalescence filtration, 2004. SamSung, S. Korea.
  45. Harihara Nemmara, Ph.D.: Synthesis, Characterization, and Testing of Carbon Nanofibers for Coalescence Filtration of Oil from Compressed Air and Adsorption of Chloroform from Air, 2003.
  46. Anil Suthar, MS, Nanofiber Augmented Meltblown Filter Media, 2003
  47. Patanee Dachavijit, Ph.D. Study of Electrorheology Fluid Flow Through a Packed Bed, 2003.
  48. Sanya Chokdeepanich, Ph.D. The Study of Coalescence Filtration and Drainage Design, 2002.
  49. Tim Crouse, nonthesis project: Polymer Engineering Solutions, Inc., 2002.
  50. Vijay Fernandes, MS Thesis, Characterizing Three Dimensional Fiber Orientation Distribution of Filter Media, 2002.
  51. Kartik Chandrasekaran, MS Thesis, Cross Flow Filtration Characteristics of Fiber Oriented Filter Media, 2002.
  52. Srihari Rangarajan, MS Thesis, Nanofibers in Coalescer Filter Media, 2001.
  53. Hemang Patel, MS Thesis, Characterization of Consolidated Sand Cartridge Filters, 2001.
  54. Wenli Wang, Ph. D. Effects of pH and Salt Concentration on Particle Capture in co-filtration of Papermaking Slurry, 2001.
  55. Gretchen Dragich, MS Non-thesis, Project:  Modeling Time Dependent Species Migration Through a Phosphogypsum Stack & the Effects of a Chemical Reaction, 2001.
  56. Ketan Mehta, MS Thesis: Effect of Humidity, Temperature and Binder Content in Oil-Droplet Coalescence in Glass Fiber Filter Media with and without Polymer Nanofibers, 2000.
  57. Wijadi Jodi, MS Thesis: Permeability Study on Laboratory Scale Water-Based Coalescing Filter, 1999.
  58. Venkataraman Chandrashekar, MS Thesis: Effect of Fiber Orientation on Filter Media Performance, 1999
  59. Elizabeth Stephan, Ph.D.: Zeta Potential Effects of Clay Migration in Sandstone, 1999.
  60. Jinyao Liu, MS Thesis:  Permeability and Coalescence Performance Study of Filter Material Using Latex as Binder, 1999.
  61. Vaibhav Beniwal, MS Thesis: Characterizing Fiber Orientation in Fibrous Media, 1999.
  62. Ramani Vengimalla Reddy, PhD: Filler Retention in Pre-Formed and Forming Fibrous Media, 1998.
  63. Suresh Tonangi, MS Thesis: Acetone Extraction of 2,4 DNT from Sand and Clay Soils, 1997
  64. Padmaja Baru, MS Thesis: Study of Wall Effects in Elastic Packed Beds, 1996
  65. Ragesh Boggavarapu, MS Thesis: Solvent Recovery of Acetone from Acetone-Water-Energetic Mixtures, 1996
  66. Rakesh Boyapati, Non-Thesis Project: Microscopic observation of deep-bed filtration at different pHs 1996.
  67. Joe Arconti, MS Thesis: Using a Multiphase Continuum Theory and Directly Measured Data to Model Flow Through Packed Beds, 1994
  68. Soma Jayaprakash, MS Thesis: Two Phase Flow in Porous Media, 1992