Multiphase Group Notes


Bootstrap and Chi-square

CPM Diagram for Research Projects

Guide to Writing References

Labs and Lab Safety

Masters Students Forms

Plan of Study Table

Research Objectives Based on Elements of Design

Writing a Paper

Writing a Paper or Thesis



AccuSizer Particle Counter

Campbell Air Compressor

Coalescence Experiment Valve Procedure

Coalescence Experiment

Distilled Water

DSA Camera Calibration

Dunouy Tensiometer

EKA Procedure Compressible

Electrospinning onto a Vertical Surface

FB 1400 Furnace

Filter Vacuum Mold

Frazier Test Calibration

Frazier Test with Electronic Flow Meter

Frazier Test

Gilian Gilibrator 2 Gas Flow Meter


Manual Microsyringe Pump

Mikrotron Camera Operation Manual

OHAUS Adventurer Weigh Balance

Olympus SZ61 Polarizing Microscope

OpenFOAM CFD Software

Oven Procedures

Pycnometer for Porosity Measurement

Pycnometer Procedure and Calculations

Reducing File Size High Speed Camera

RST Test Procedures

SEM Procedure

Sheet Former Operation

SMPS Procedure

SMPS Properties

SOP for Liquid-Liquid Expt Accusizer

SOP for Liquid-Liquid Expt Jorin

SRI 8610B Gas Chromatograph

Stiffness Tester


Syringe Pump SP101i

TCD GC Procedure

Titrator with EKA

Turbidity 965-10A and 965-10AR Manual

Vacuum Molding Apparatus

Zeta-Meter System 3.0