Craig Baldwin

Office: Franklin County – Ohio Supreme Court

Age: 54

Residence: Newark, OH


Website:; FaceBook: JudgeCraigBaldwin;
Instagram: JudgeCraigBaldwin

Occupation: Judge, Ohio Fifth District Court of Appeals

Education: J.D. Capital University Law School. B.A. Ohio University.

Work Experience: Judge, Fifth District Court of Appeals, 2013 to
present. Judge, Licking County Common Pleas Court, Domestic
Relations Division, 2005-2013. Director, Licking County Child Support
Enforcement Agency, 2001-2005. Partner in the Law Firm of Jones,
Norpell, List Miller and Howarth. 1997-2001. Associate Attorney at the
Law firm of Swank and Wilson. 1992-1997.

Family: Married thirty years to Kelly with two grown daughters.

Affiliations: First Presbyterian Church of Granville. Newark/Heath
Rotary member. Board member, Licking Memorial Hospital. Member,
Licking County, Stark County and Ohio State Bar Associations. Member
and Treasurer, Ohio Court of Appeals Judge Association. Member, Ohio
Judicial Conference.

Endorsements: N/A

Bar Association Ratings: N/A

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years):
Ohio Fifth District Court of Appeals, 2013 to present. Licking County
Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Division, 2005-2013.

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a
My time as a practicing attorney provided me with a solid background
for a successful judicial career. I represented a wide variety of clients in
both the civil and criminal areas, doing both trial and appellate work.
This broad range of experience provided me with the legal and personal
qualifications to succeed as a judge. I attended law school at night.
During the day I worked for the Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk
of Court and the Ohio Public Defender’s Office. These law school jobs
provided a sound foundation for my legal career.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?
I believe in our democracy and in our constitution. I have great respect
for our legal system. During my time on the bench I have considered it
my privilege to participate in our system as a Judge. I hope to be elected
as an Ohio Supreme Court Justice so I can work to ensure the system
works for all according to our constitutional principles. Further I have
strong feelings about the way all participants in the system should be
treated. Every person who enters a courthouse, no matter what their
role, should be treated with dignity and respect, in short as a citizen in
their courthouse. I believe that Judges at every level should be fair,
timely and only rule on the specific issues in front of them. Judges
should interpret the law and then be humble enough to stop, refraining
from legislating from the bench. These are the values and principles I
lived by as a Common Pleas Judge, as an Appellate Court Judge and
these are the values and principles I will live by as an Ohio Supreme
Court Justice.