What Judges Do

For many Ohioans, a judge may be little more than a figure in a dark robe on a popular television show. Unfortunately, many of those depictions leave viewers with inaccurate perceptions of what judges do and how their actions affect people every day.

The truth is, judges like TV’s Judge Judy, do not operate in Ohio. Professional standards require our state’s judges to be civil and professional when dealing with all persons in the courtroom.

Everyday Interaction with Judges
Here are the more routine times when we may interact with a judge:

  • Settling a traffic ticket
  • Resolving issues after an accident
  • Adoptions, divorces, or child-custody matters
  • Contractor issues
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Employment matters
  • Rezoning

Judicial Votes Count

Extraordinarily talented and hard working people make up the Ohio judiciary, and the work they do every day is remarkable. But polls show that the public views judges as susceptible to political influence. And research shows that Ohio voters don’t vote for judge because they don’t know enough about the candidates.

So, as the next election cycle approaches, and as you think about the local issues and the national candidates, please remember the importance of learning more about your judges – the details of the offices they seek and the qualifications and experience they bring. Judicial Votes Count puts that information at your fingertips for every judicial race in Ohio. Tell your friends and family members to visit the website, because Judicial Votes Count.