Mary Boyle

Office: Cuyahoga County – Judge, Court of Appeals, Eighth District

Age: 54

Residence: Olmsted Township, OH


Website: N/A

Occupation: Judge, Court of Appeals

Education: 1989, J.D., Cleveland Marshall College of Law; 1986, B.A.
Ithaca College;

Work Experience: 2007 to present, Judge, Court of Appeals, Eighth
District; 1997 – 2007, Judge, Cuyahoga County Court of Common
Pleas; 1989 – 1996, Attorney, Zashin & Rich L.P.A.

Family: Single with two children

Affiliations: Member, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association; member, Ohio State Bar Association; member, Justinian Forum; Past Chair of the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission and Advisory Committee on Dispute Resolution (2008-2016); member, Ohio Judicial Conference’s Court Administration and Civil Law Committees, member of Board of Directors of the Cleveland Law Library, annual participant of Cleveland’s Rotary Club’s New Generations Conference and Recognition Day, volunteer in CMBA’s 3R’s program, member of the Board of the Ohio Appellate Judges Association, member of Cleveland’s Employment Law American Inns of Court, regular presenter at legal education programs, member of St. Mary’s of the Falls Catholic Church

Endorsements: Cuyahoga County Democratic Party

Bar Association Ratings: N/A since I have no opposition no ratings are

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years):
JUDGE, Court of Appeals, Eighth District, 2/9/2007 – present; JUDGE,
Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas General Division, 1/3/1997

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience quali×es you to be a
Before being elected judge in 1996, I enjoyed an active practice with a
local prominent law firm, where I gained extensive litigation experience
in the area of family law, representing clients primarily in domestic and
juvenile matters. I also handled matters in many other areas of law,
including employment, administrative, personal injury, probate,
workers compensation, criminal, business, and traffic, and appeared in
municipal courts, common pleas courts, as well as federal court.
My experience in private practice has provided me firsthand
perspective of the demands on practitioners as well as an appreciation
for the importance of the efficient resolution of cases. This perspective
has been critical to my commitment to resolve cases in a timely manner
while being reasonable to the requests of litigants. In addition to being
an experienced litigator, I am a trained mediator. I served as Chair of
the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Commission and its Advisory Committee
on Dispute Resolution from 2008-2016, where we assisted the OSC in
initiating statewide mediation programs to all courts in Ohio, providing
education and training, as well as implementing foreclosure mediation,
parenting coordination, government conflict resolution services to
public officials/agencies and elder care coordination programs. I also
serve on numerous boards, committees and organizations, including
the Board for the Ohio Appellate Judges Association, the Ohio Judicial
Conference, the American Inns of Court Cleveland Employment Law
Section and the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.
From my volunteer work with these boards and organizations, I have
developed strong relationships and partnerships with judges, attorneys
and members of the public across Ohio as well as gained a specialized
knowledge in many areas of the law, rules, appellate law and in dispute
resolution, all of which makes me a better judge. Finally, I am an active
volunteer in the Cuyahoga County legal community. I have been a
member of the Board of Directors of the Cleveland Law Library since
2013. Additionally, I regularly participate in mock trials for high school,
undergraduates, and law students and volunteer in the 3R’s program
through the CMBA, teaching high school students at Cleveland public
schools. Overall, apart from these experiences complimenting my legal
and judicial training and exemplifying my commitment to public service,
they have equipped me with the skill set, temperament, and critical
perspective to serve as an exceptionally qualified appellate court judge.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?
Prior to serving on the Eighth District Court of Appeals, I served as a
judge at the Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court General Division. While
there, I gained invaluable experience on topics and issues arising in
both civil and criminal cases. In addition to developing my legal
expertise, my experience at the common pleas level allowed me to grow
as an individual because I was interacting with a variety of people –
criminal defendants, victims, civil litigants, witnesses, attorneys, jurors
and members of the media – and making decisions that would have a
serious impact on their lives.
While I enjoyed my time on the common pleas bench, after serving for
ten years, I decided to run for and ultimately won a seat on the Eighth
District Court of Appeals in 2007. My reasons for becoming an
appellate judge are the same now as they were back when I initially ran.
The Ohio Supreme Court accepts very few cases, and as such, Ohio’s
district courts of appeals are generally the courts of last resort for most
cases, both civil and criminal. Because of this, the judges that serve on
those district courts of appeals are responsible for correcting errors,
protecting individual rights, serving the ends of justice, and promoting
legal policies that will most likely affect and determine more than the
individual case presented and argued. I am running for re-election at
the Eighth District Court of Appeals, where I love my job. Aside from
my passion for analyzing and solving complex, legal issues, I have an
opportunity to learn from my distinguished colleagues as well as from
those that appear before me. This job is an absolute privilege and one
that I never take for granted. I hope my reputation for being fairminded,
knowledgeable, and dedicated will win your vote for reelection
. Thank you.