Lerch ACRL Poster Session

Maureen Lerch from Wayne Library will be presenting at a poster session during next week’s ACRL Conference:

“Campus Conversations: Fostering Culture Change through Book Discussion” — Find out how a university branch library planned and facilitated a college wide book discussion series in support of the College’s “Bridges Out of Poverty / Bridges to Campus” strategic initiative to improve the campus climate for first generation and under-resourced students on campus.

The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) is the higher education association for librarians. The ACRL Conference is your once-every-two-years opportunity to access the best information, discover new ideas, and stay at the forefront of the profession. The ACRL 2019 will be held April 10 – 13, 2019, at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.  For more information:  https://s4.goeshow.com/acrl/national/2019/conference_schedule.cfm

Nice going, Maureen!

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