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McGurr Active Professionally

Melanie McGurr was recently elected Vice-President/President Elect for the Board of Trustees of the Northeast Ohio Regional Library System (NEO-RLS) for 2022-23, which means she will be President of the Board in 2023-2024.


Sean Kennedy, Kevin Garewal, and Melanie McGurr recently had an article accepted for publication in Library Resources & Technical Services. The title of the article is “Manager perspectives on the prevalence, impact, and management of work-related burnout in academic library technical services workers,” and it will be published in October of 2022.


Really nice work, Melanie!



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McGurr Collaborates & Presents

Sean Kennedy (Kent State University), Melanie McGurr, and Kevin Garewal (University of Rochester) will be presenting their preliminary research concerning management of work-related burnout in academic library technical services departments at the 2022 virtual Conference on Academic Library Management (CALM) in April.

Sean Kennedy, Gregg Harris, and Melanie McGurr will be presenting at the Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians in May at the 2022 hybrid conference in Bloomington, Indiana. Their presentation will focus on the use of Excel, Teams, and Sierra along with GreenGlass to streamline a collections merger.

Nice teamwork, Melanie!

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Monaco Conference Report

Mike Monaco, Cataloging Services, wrote a report on the OVGTSL 2021 conference which was published this month in Technical Services Quarterly.

OVGTSL (The Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians) held their 2021 meeting online, and the conference committee was chaired by Melanie McGurr. On a side note, this was the conference we tried to host at UA in 2020 before COVID made that impossible.

Nice work, Mike!

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Monaco Presenting MARCs of Quality

Mike Monaco will be presenting a webinar for NEO-RLS next week, “MARCs of Quality.” It’s on evaluating bibliographic (catalog) records. The full info is here:

Nice work, Mike!

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Fleischer Presents at ALAO Conference

Vic Fleischer, University Archivist & Head of Archives and Special Collections, presented “What Else Can Happen?: Disaster Planning and Recovery in the Age of COVID” last week, October 2021, at the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) Conference.   Fleischer highlighted the flood that occurred in Archives and Special Collections last March and stressed the importance of having a disaster response and recovery plan in place.  He also discussed lessons learned from the flood, which was exacerbated by the pandemic, and the importance of addressing a pandemic and its associated issues in disaster plans. 

Nicely done, Vic!

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Monaco Presentation

On October 15th, Mike Monaco presented as part of panel, “Sheltering, Surviving and Thriving in Place: A View From Technical Services.”   The presentation was a program for the Ohio Library Council’s 2021 Convention & Expo in Columbus, Ohio. The other panelists were Karen Sykeny (Massillon Public Library) and Misty Alvaro (Columbus Metropolitan Library). We spoke about how our libraries, especially in technical services, dealt with the changes to our staffing and work conditions during the pandemic, and what we learned. I was also able to attend the first two days of the conference on October 13-14 because of an ALAO Continuing Education grant I was awarded, which paid for my accommodations and registration.

Nice representation, Mike!

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Stitz Participation

Tammy Stitz is part of the OhioLINK Accessibility Project Team that will figure out how to implement accessibility practices for shared consortial content.

Tammy is also a member of the UA search committee to select an Associate Director of the Office of Accessibility. You could check out the job description at could go to and the job is listed as Associate Director, Office of Accessibility – 13033

Nice going, Tammy!

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Franks & Antunez Poster Session

Jeffrey Franks and Marilia Yesenia Antunez  presented a poster session entitled Making Connections When Citing Tables and Figures at the 2021 Kentucky Medical Library Association (KMLA) Virtual Conference on Friday, July 16. The poster described the planning and development process for the Brightspace Tutorial entitled Advanced Citations and Copyright, which will be launched this fall semester.

Poster Session Abstract

Librarians uniquely designed a self-paced tutorial that combines how to reference tables and figures in APA Style, 7th edition, provide an overview of the Creative Commons (CC) licenses, and finding open access resources, in the preparation of class papers. Students will discuss the guidelines for properly citing tables and figures including copyright attribution in APA Style using sources that are freely available and that do not require copyright permission. Examples of tables and figures that students created as well as tables and figures created by others will be discussed. To empower students to reference their works, they will describe how to find works with CC licenses, what they allow, how to properly provide attribution and how to add these licenses to their own works. The tutorial uses videos, presentation slides, and self-checks/quizzes. It is offered via the Brightspace platform to easily track student progress.

This poster presentation examines the planning of an online tutorial via the LMS system, Bright space, developed to inform and increase habit of referencing tables and figures, and encourage faculty and others to add their Creative Commons mark on their own creations. The tutorial also highlights the benefits of OERs as teaching materials.

The tutorial is divided into the following four modules or Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Citing Sources for Tables and Figures, which reviews the differences between tables and figures, common types of figures, placement and the importance of copyright considerations and appropriate citation.
  • Lesson 2: How to Cite Tables and Figures, which outlines instructions on how to display and cite tables and figures and introduces basic guidance on how to cite them from different works (e.g., journal articles, websites), templates, and by common license types (e.g., CC, public domain).
  • Lesson 3: Sharing Your Work Using Creative Commons
  • Lesson 4: Sources for Finding Free to Use Educational Resources

This sounds very informative and like it was a lot of work.  Nice job, Jeff and Marilla!

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McGurr Serving on Boards

Melanie McGurr was elected to the Board of the Northeast Ohio Regional Library System (NEORLS) as the Academic Library representative for the July 2021 to June 2024 term. Melanie previously served as the Academic Library representative when she was appointed to finish out Dean Aimee deChambeau’s term on the Board from 2020-2021. Melanie will also continue to serve on the Finance Committee as part of her Board duties.

Melanie was also appointed to the Editorial Board of the University of Akron Press. Her three-year term begins August 2021.

Nice representation, Melanie!

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Stitz Presenting

Tammy Stitz will participate in two presentations this summer.

1. STS Panel Presentation: Engaging with Virtual Instruction in the Sciences

June 16, 2021 3:00-4:00PM on Zoom

The panel will all answer questions from the moderator. Tammy  will answer:

  • How do issues of equity and access manifest in the online teaching environment for you? What strategies, principles, or methods guide your work in making online learning more equitable and accessible?
  • Have you worked with a lab course online? How did you approach this session?
  • Could you describe an online class that went particularly well? What made it go well?
  • Have you had an online class that didn’t go well? What did you learn from the experience?

2. Accessibility in a Remote World

National College Testing Association 2021 Annual Virtual Conference Aug 10-13

This is a group presentation with Sara Rieder Bennett and Natalie Martin from The University of Akron and Vernée Hemphill from Central Washington University.  Tammy’s role will be to discuss the WCAG 2.1 standards relevant to online testing.

Nice representation, Tammy!