Save the Date: 2018 UL Service Awards

Our annual service awards celebration will be TUESDAY, April 24 from 2-3:30 pm in Bierce 351 (Staff Room).

We’ll be celebrating:

Employee Service Milestones
Graduating Senior Student Assistants
Outstanding Student Employee Award Recipients

Mark your calendar and please share with your students… there will be cake!

Restricted Access on Buchtel Commons near Bierce Library

Traffic running east-west on Buchtel Commons near Bierce Library has been reduced to pedestrian only due to the Vault Replacement Project currently underway. Temporary fencing has been installed at the perimeter of the site. Physical Facilities requests that all regular campus vehicles and deliveries use alternate routes as needed during the project duration.

Access to Bierce Library’s main entrance including the accessible ramp will be maintained. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact Vince Jansen at extension 2359 or the Physical Facilities Service Center at extension 7415.

Acquisitions Material Request Form

I am happy to announce that the Acquisitions Material Request Form is officially up and running!

In a nutshell, this form is meant to be a uniform and simple way to request materials that are not available through GOBI.  Whether from Amazon, foreign suppliers, eBay, or the far corners of the Internet, our hope is that this form will make it easier for our librarians to request those hard-to-find orders.  In the past, we’ve generally used email to request these materials but I felt that that process could be made even more efficient.  Because it includes all the information the Acquisitions team requires, using this form will not only simplify the ordering process, but accelerate it as well.  As always, Gregg or I will send confirmation when we have ordered the requested item.

Check it out and feel free to share your feedback with us!

You can find it here:

Many, many thanks to Gregg Harris and Paul Thompson for helping me get this idea up and running—great job, guys!


All the best,


Learning Studio Print Schedule

Hello Everyone!

The Learning Studio schedule that’s printed and placed outside the rooms has been updated. It will now accurately retrieve the week’s bookings for the rooms no matter when in the week you print the schedule. If you add a new booking on, say, Thursday, you can now re-print the schedule and it will be the same as having printed it on Monday, with the addition of your new booking.

The link to find the printable page is:

When you go to print, please make sure to change your paper orientation to landscape. Let me know if you experience any difficulties.


Booking Study Rooms

Booking study rooms in Bierce Library will soon be getting an upgrade!

We are initiating a LibCal study room booking pilot on June 8, 2015. The purpose of this pilot is to move all student booking of Bierce Library study rooms from the Sierra platform to the LibCal platform. We believe the LibCal platform will be more user-friendly and require less staff time to manage.

Paul, Stephanie, and the Access Department will be testing the new LibCal system during intersession, beginning May 11 and concluding June 5. During this time period, no booking of Bierce Library study rooms will be available to students. The Access folks will put a sign on each study room door noting that a new system will begin in June and that all study rooms are first come, first serve until June 8, 2015. The Bierce Library study room records in the catalog have been suppressed so that students cannot place a booking through Sierra. Paul has updated our webpages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Melanie, Stephanie or Paul.

Problem with booking study rooms in UAL Catalog

Study room booking is not quite working right in the UAL Catalog.

A title search for study room causes the Request button to display (all three browsers). in the search results list. If you click on the link to the item record, the Book It button displays and the study room can be booked.
A keyword search for study room  causes the Request button to briefly display, then the Book It button appears and the study room can be booked (all three browsers).

Direct users to a keyword search or have users click on the record link to book a study room until this problem is resolved.